MyRecords Login Issues?

MyRecords Login Issues & Resolution:
As a UNMC faculty, staff and/or a student, you are automatically given a UNMC NetID when you are entered into SAP or become enrolled students.

Your UNMC NetID gives you access to the campus network drives and printers, Outlook email, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Canvas, UNMC Intranet, Student Information System(MyRecords), McGoogan Library electronic resources, UNMC Research Support Systems (RSS), CARE (Campus Records for Students) as well as the wireless network. 

MyRecords Login Issues:
If you have changed your password in any of UNMC systems’ such as Microsoft Office 365 Email or Canvas and you are unable to log into MyRecords(,  go to and in the red box click “I forgot my password” type in your UNMC Netid: ________ (this is usually what you have been provided by ITS as your login credentials for UNMC systems - for many users it is fistname.lastname i.e. john.doe) and then type in the code shown in the image, click Next and then fill out the Month and Day you were born with the last 4 of your SSN. You can leave the Badge id blank or “enter it in the field” and click on submit and update your password, be sure to leave blank - the box “Do not change Active Directory password”, type in the code and then click on “Save”.  This will synchronize all your passwords to be the same.

If you are still having problems logging in after changing your password, clear cache on whatever browser you are using as sometimes these browsers will save your passwords by default or if you set it up to do so, close the browser and then open it back up. Then try logging back into MyRecords again with the new passwords.

If you still can’t log in contact PeopleSoft security personnel @ 402-559-7266 or email: