Academic Records FAQs

Q. Can I retake a class to get a better grade?

It can vary depending on the program the student is enrolled; check with your program.

Q. How do I view my transcript?

Login to PeopleSoft using your UNMC NetID and password. Click on Self Service and then click on Student Center. Click on My Academics, view unofficial transcripts, click on UNMC1 and unofficial report and click on view report.  

Q. What do I do if my registration is incorrect?

Contact your representative from the college first as correcting this varies from program to program.

Q. Do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes and there are deadlines. May commencement - February 10; August commencement - June 10; and December commencement -October 10. 

Q. How do I get certified for Veterans Benefits?

First meet with the VA certifying official located in the Student Life Center or call (402) 559-3123.

Q. What do I do if I find an error on my transcript?

Immediately call Academic Records. (402) 559-2151.