MyRecords / PeopleSoft FAQs

Q. I am having trouble when trying to use PeopleSoft so what do I do?

If you are having issues with PeopleSoft and are not using Internet Explorer version  6-8 then try using Internet Explorer. If you are having issues while using Internet Explorer you should clear your browsing history and enable pop-ups.

To clear your browsing history under "Tools" on the menu bar click on the "Delete Browsing History". This should open up the window below. Make sure that everything is checked except the "Preserve Favorites website data" and then click on the delete button. Also you can turn off the pop-up blocker under the Tools menu. If you are unable to see the menu bar with "File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools & Help" on the top of the bar then right click on the bar underneath the navigation bar and click "Menu Bar" on the drop down menu. Then restart Internet Explorer and try to login to PeopleSoft.

             Delete browser history

If you are still having problems please call the PeopleSoft security manager at 402-559-7266

Q. What do I do if I am using an IE, cleared the browsing history and turned off the pop-up blocker but when I try to make an online payment I get a "Null 500 error"?

This error occurs when there is not an email on your PeopleSoft Account so add an email address and retry your payment. Login to PeopleSoft and click on the "Self Service" tab then click on the "Campus Personal Information" then click on "Email Addresses" then add an email address to your profile.

Q. Where do I find the PeopleSoft student information system?

Login to PeopleSoft  student information system using your email ID and password.

Q. I just submitted my application; I don’t see anything on self-service when I login.

Please allow 48 to 72 hours for the information to populate. If you continue to have problems, please contact the program to which you’ve applied.

Q. I’m having some issues logging into MyRecords. My username and/or password isn’t working.

To assist in troubleshooting this issue, you are directed to the UNMC Canvas, which authenticates against UNMC's LDAP.

Step 1: Log into the UNMC Canvas with your UNMC NetID and password. If you cannot log in, please contact the UNMC ITS helpdesk via email or call 402-559-7700.

Step 2: If you can log into UNMC's Canvas,  your UNMC NetID and password are confirmed. Try logging into MyRecords once more. If you still cannot log in, contact PeopleSoft Security via email. You will need to provide your name,  your NUID, and a summary of the problem.

Q. Whom do I contact for help with system access, lost user IDs and resetting my password?

With the implementation of the Student Records component of PeopleSoft, the UNMC ITS Helpdesk is available 24/7 to assist with basic questions on how to reach any of the various websites, and to assist with any authentication issues. If the Helpdesk cannot assist at the time, we are equipped with contact lists and will contact appropriate individuals from the lists for guidance on answering any questions. The UNMC ITS Helpdesk can be contacted at 402-559-7700 or by email.

Q. I submitted my application, but my references have not received a link or they received the link and when they click the link a blank screen appears.

Letters of reference (LOR) email links may be interpreted as junk mail or spam and recommenders may have deleted them or emails may be deleted automatically by the domain. In a few cases the LOR links may not be sent to recommenders at all. First verify with your recommenders that they received an email from UNMC. If they have not, contact the program to which you’ve applied to request that a second email be sent.