New Student Onboarding Main Page

Welcome to UNMC! Below is a list and description of steps many new students need to complete before the first day of classes.

There may be additional steps and differences depending on your college, program, and/or campus. Students should also review the college-specific onboarding pages located in the left-hand menu. These pages will list additional steps and/or different procedures specific to your program. 

If you have questions about the steps or processes to follow, please contact the college, program, or campus student services team member listed below.

Most importantly, check your UNMC email frequently. Critical information will be sent to that email periodically. 

College, Program, and Campus Contacts  
Access Your UNMC Email  

Part 1: Watch for Emails with Your UNMC Username and Password. 

  • Three to five days after you are admitted into your academic program, you should receive two emails.
  • One email will have your UNMC Username. The other email will have your initial UNMC password, which you will need to change. You cannot access your UNMC email until you change your UNMC password. 
  • If you are unable to locate the emails, please call the IT Helpdesk at 402-559-7700.

Part 2: Change Your UNMC Password. 

  • If you have problems changing your password, please call the IT Helpdesk at 402-559-7700.

Part 3: Access Your UNMC Email. 

  • You will be prompted to log into the UNMC Intranet using your UNMC Username and Password to access the instructions.

Please check your UNMC email frequently.

  • Your UNMC email account is the official means for receiving communication from UNMC. Students are accountable for reading and responding to their UNMC email account.

 Questions? Please contact the IT Help Desk at 402-559-7700. 

Plan Ahead  

You can start onboarding preparation even before you receive access to all systems. Below are three steps that can help you proceed faster:

  • Review immunization requirements, gather immunization records, and schedule lapsed/missing immunizations.
    • You will need access to certain systems to submit your immunization records, but it is never too early to obtain your records and execute your immunization plan. 
    • Information on what immunizations are required can be found online
    • Immunization FAQs can be found online
    • Information on how to submitted your immunization records can be found in the "Complete Immunization Requirements" box below.

  • Complete your FAFSA and submit it to UNMC.
    • To file your FAFSA you will need to apply for a FSA ID online. The FSA ID allows you to electronically sign your FAFSA. Students and parents (of undergraduate dependent students) will be required to apply for their own pin. 
    • The FAFSA is filed online
    • The UNMC institution code is 006895. 

  • Gather information to verify Nebraska resident status for tuition purposes.
    • If you believe you will not be classified as Nebraska resident for tuition purposes, review the "Complete Application for Nebraska Resident Tuition" box below.  
Explore MyRecords and Update Your Information  

This section applies to all students at all campuses. 

  • Login to MyRecords as soon as possible at using your Net ID and password.  
  • MyRecords serves as the primary platform to access admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and student billing information. You will also see information related to actions you must take to complete your onboarding process and view any holds that may prevent future enrollment.
  • It is important to make sure that your contact information is accurate. You can update your contact information in the Profile section of MyRecords. 
  • Be sure to mark your UNMC email as your “preferred” account in MyRecords. All departments at UNMC send student communications to your UNMC email account. You will be sent information to that account going forward. Please check it on a regular basis.
Login Questions? Go to
Access Canvas and Complete Compliance Training  

This section applies to all students at all campuses. 

You can access Canvas online at using your NetID and password. 

Canvas Uses:

  • Delivery of courses throughout your time at UNMC.
  • Completion of compliance modules.
  • Access additional college-specific or program-specific online orientations*. 

*Not all colleges and programs have additional online orientations through Canvas. If your college or program does, you will be added automatically.   

Compliance Training:

  • Compliance training is located in Canvas and should be completed as soon as possible. Some colleges and campuses have specific deadlines to complete the training. 
  • After logging in to Canvas, click on the individual compliance module. Follow the instructions to view the course materials and complete the appropriate tests. Each test has a minimum score to successfully complete the requirement.

A reminder to complete compliance training will appear in your "To Do" section of MyRecords.

Compliance Certificates and Expiration:

  • To print certificates of completion and see when your compliance expires, access the CARE website and click on the Training tab.  
Complete the FAFSA and Explore Aid Options  

The UNMC Office of Financial Aid provides detailed instructions how to complete your FAFSA and apply for other types of aid. 

  • Information on how to apply for and accept different types of aid can be found online.   
  • A list of the different types of aid available can be found online
  • Information on how to defer student loans from prior institutions can be online.
  • Information on the 2019-2020 cost of attendance can be found online.

If you have questions on how to apply for different types of aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 402-559-4199. 

Complete Immunization Requirements  

This section applies to all students at all campuses. 

All new UNMC students are required to receive required immunizations. Immunization records are submitted online through MyRecords. Please log on using you Net ID and password and click on Access Immunization Center. From there you can both choose to upload your current immunizations as well as generate your immunization record. 

  • More information on the required immunizations for new students can be found online
  • Instructions on how to upload the materials can be found online.
  • The immunization policy can be found online

All documents must be saved in the Immunization Center in the following format:

  • LastNameImmunizationsDate
  • Example: JonesPPDTDAPINFLUENZA92018

If you have any questions, please contact 402-559-5158 or 402-559-5691 or email

Complete Your Background Check  

This section applies to all students at all campuses. 

* College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy students should refer to their college-specific onboarding pages for information on when to complete background checks. 

UNMC requires background checks on all newly admitted students. These background checks are completed through a company called One Source.  

Please do the following to complete your background check:

  1. Access the background check form use the following link:  
  2. Once online select your specific program to complete the form. 
  3. There is a fee for this service, which will be made directly to One Source when you submit the form. Please have a credit card ready to pay the fee. 
  4. Once you submit your One Source background check, you will receive a supplemental email directly from to complete your Nebraska Adult and Child Abuse registry check.

If you have any questions please contact One Source at 402.933.9999 or 1.800.608.3645.

More details about the UNMC Background Check Policy can be found online.

Submit Final Transcripts  

This section applies to all students at all campuses. 

  • You must make sure that all previous transcripts are submitted to UNMC. This includes final transcripts from institutions you may currently be enrolled so your college can verify degree completion.
  • Please refer to your individual college onboarding page found in the left-hand column for instructions on how to submit their final transcripts.

If you have any questions about how to submit your final transcripts, please contact your college's student services team.  

Purchase or Waive Student Health Insurance  

This section applies to students on all campuses. 

Information on all aspects of Student Health Insurance can be found online

Full-Time Participation

Most students are required to have inpatient (hospitalization) insurance. This includes ALL students in the following groups:

  1. Undergraduate/professional students enrolled full-time (12 or more hours)
  2. Undergraduate nursing students enrolled in 12 hours
  3. PhD students
  4. Students in other graduate programs enrolled full-time
  5. Graduate nursing students enrolled in 6 or more hours

Part-Time Participation

Students enrolled part-time may also enroll for the particular semester in the United Student Insurance Program by enrolling on the United Healthcare Insurance website and must do so within the first two weeks of each semester. 

Insurance Options and Cost

  • Students may participate in the University-sponsored plan thru United Healthcare Student Resources, or they may have their own plan through a parent, spouse, employer, or self.   
  • The cost of the United Healthcare Student Insurance is automatically billed each fall and spring semester on the full-time student’s tuition statement/bill.  If students do not wish to participate in the University plan through United Healthcare, they must file a Waiver verifying alternate insurance. 
  • Information on how to purchase and waive student health insurance can be found online.

Questions regarding the student insurance plan, procedures for filing claims, and/or problems with the claims process may be directed to:

Pat Oberlander, UNMC
Bennett Hall, Room 6001
Phone:  402-559-7276

Cindi Pickinpaugh, United Healthcare
University of Nebraska System Advocate

Complete Application for Nebraska Resident Tuition  


  • New UNMC students who are not Nebraska residents should review residency policies and how those effect their financial obligations.
  • Applications for residence for a specific semester or summer session can be submitted to the Academic Records Office prior to the first day of classes for that period of enrollment. The last day to qualify for residency for a specific term is the last day of the registration “add period.” (the 6th day of class).
  • Information on residency requirements and how to apply for residency can be found online.  

If you have questions, you can email Student Services or call 402-559-4199.

Request Disability Accommodations  

This section applies to all students at all campuses. 

  • Enrolled students with disabilities that qualify for accommodation under Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), should explore the process to be considered for an accommodation. Each case is considered individually. 
  • More information can be found online.

If you have any questions, call 402-559-7276 or email

Obtain an ID Badge  

This section applies to students at the Omaha campus. If you are in a program at a different campus or college, you will receive instructions on how to pick up your ID.

  • Many colleges will take all new students to obtain their ID Badges as a group. 
  • All UNMC students are required to wear their UNMC ID Badge on campus. Students can obtains their UNMC ID Badge from the Photo ID after they have received their NetID and password.
  • Due to heavy summer volume, the Photo ID Office requests that students starting in the fall wait until after August 1 to pick up their ID or go with your program as a group during orientation. 
  • When you pick up your ID card at the Photo ID Card office, be sure to bring a valid U.S. driver's license, a U.S. government-issued ID, a U.S. military ID, or a passport.

Questions? Contact the ID Card Office 402-559-8414 or

Explore Parking, Transportation, and Vehicle Registration/Taxes  

This section applies to all students at the Omaha campus.

Campus Parking Options:

  • Students on the Omaha campus purchase parking permits through the Permits tab on the UNMC parking portal


Additional Transportation and Parking Options:

  • Additional parking and transportation options, including carpool, busses, and biking can be found on the UNMC Travel Smart website.


Vehicle Registration and Taxes:

  • All full-time college students who have an out-of-state permanent residence and are enrolled in 12 or more semester hours are exempt from registering their vehicles in Nebraska.
  • If you are temporarily residing in Omaha you will need to comply with the City of Omaha's Municipal Code Ordinance 16-22, which requires you to pay the City of Omaha Wheel Tax. More information can be found on the Douglas County Treasurer's website


Explore Housing Options  

This section applies to students at the Omaha campus.

On-Campus Housing:

  • The University of Nebraska Medical Center owns a variety of rental property units which are leased to full-time students, residents and fellows of the Medical Center. More information can be found online

Off-Campus Housing:

  • The UNMC off-campus housing portal helps you find great apartments and housing options near campus. Please visit the portal online

For more information Esther Collins by email or by phone at 402-559-5201.

Housing for UNMC Students at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO)

Pay Tuition and Fees  

This section applies to all students at all campuses. 

  • MyRecords provides information on your student bill. You can access this information by logging into MyRecords with your Net ID and password. After logging into MyRecords, click in the Student Accounts tab.  
  • Student Accounts also provides information on how to review and pay your student bill each term. It also provides information on how to receive refunds. This information can be found online
  • Tuition bills are generated the tenth day of the semester. 

If you have questions, contact Student Accounts by email at or call 402-559-8086.

Explore UNMC's Policies, Catalog, and Calendar  

UNMC Policies:

  • All UNMC students are to abide by UNMC-wide policies as well as the policies set by their individual colleges and programs. The UNMC-wide policies can be found online

UNMC Catalog:

  • The Catalog provides important information about all of UNMC, each UNMC college, and individual UNMC academic programs. The Catalog is located online

UNMC Academic Calendar:

  • The Calendar contains important dates for all UNMC students. The Calendar also provides important dates for specific colleges and programs. These include dates when classes begin, when clerkships begin, when breaks are held, as well as many others. The Calendar is located online.
Get ENGAGED on Campus  

UNMC's online platform ENGAGE, is designed to help students, student organizations, colleges, faculty, and staff stay connected to events, specific college information and community service opportunities.  Your college will notify you if they have a page set up in ENGAGE that you should join.   If you are interested in a student organization or interest group login into ENGAGE and Explore the possibilities.  Join our campus-community:


  1. Visit 
  2. Click the red ENGAGE button
  3. Log in using your UNMC Net ID
  4. Complete or update your profile