Channing Bunch, M.B.A


Image with caption: Channing Bunch
Channing Bunch, M.B.A.

More than a decade working with students has taught Channing Bunch that there are three areas many students struggle with:

"That's why I'm here," Mr. Bunch said. "Hopefully, we can take care of all three of those things. We want students to have a great experience."

Mr. Bunch is the new director of recruitment and student engagement at UNMC. He spent the past 11 years at Creighton University, working in the Health Science-Multicultural and Community Affairs department. In that time, Mr. Bunch said, the department was very successful in increasing diversity at Creighton, and he's excited about doing the same thing at UNMC.

"I hope our department will be known for taking care of students, making sure their needs are met."

"If you just look at the health care providers in the state of Nebraska, there is a shortage when it comes to diverse physicians, pharmacists, etc.," he said. "And that's been my passion, to make sure we are recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of students, and making sure that this generation of health care providers is prepared to handle what's before it." Mr. Bunch's efforts to positively impact people's lives aren't confined to his working hours. He is a street minister who provides outreach to the men of Siena/Francis House, and last year he spent 10 of his vacation days on a missionary trip to Cuba. But now, Mr. Bunch - who calls himself a "worker bee" -- said he is excitedly waiting for students to return in the fall. "For me to be effective, I need to be engaged with students," he said. "I hope our department will be known for taking care of students, making sure their needs are met. "I'm a person that's not big on who gets the accolades," he said. "I enjoy people, and I enjoy impacting the lives of students."

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