Bias Assessment and Response Team

UNMC's Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART) gathers information about non-emergency bias incidents and supports those who have become or witnessed someone become a target of an act of bias. It is the team’s goal to address incidents and trends as they are identified through trainings or other means that will improve the campus climate in regards to bias.

The team takes every report of bias very seriously and wants to provide the appropriate support and follow up. 

Please feel free to report any information that you may think is useful.  The Bias Assessment and Response Team wants to gather information related to the experience of students, faculty, and staff. Reports may even include hearing comments that were offensive and bias related. All reports will help the BART make recommendations, or take action, to make our campus a safe environment for all.

Bias Assessment and Response Team Core Members
Phil Covington, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success, chair  
Channing Bunch, director, Recruitment and Student Engagement
David Carver, director, Student Counseling
Athena Ramos, manager, Community Health program, College of Public Health
Ann Siewert, director, Employee Relations, Nebraska Medicine
Susan Smith, manager, House Officer Assistance Program
Rick Spellman, associate general counsel
Aileen Warren, assistant vice chancellor, Human Resources
Nizar Wehbi, M.D., assistant professor, College of Public Health