Student Organizations

UNMC's social, professional, service and advisory organizations are an integral part of life on campus. Membership in many is open to all Medical Center students. Others are open only to students of a particular health professional program or to persons with specified academic achievements. All organizations invite the interest and attention of students and conduct meetings open to nonmembers. UNMC students who wish to form new student organizations and who plan to use campus facilities and services must receive formal recognition and approval. Application forms and guidelines can be obtained from the Counseling and Student Development office, Bennett Hall, Room 6001. For more information, contact Pat Oberlander or Dr. David Carver at 402-559-7276.

College of Allied Health Professions Student Organization Descriptions
College of Dentistry Student Organization Descriptions
College of Medicine Student Organization Descriptions
College of Nursing Student Organization Descriptions
College of Pharmacy Student Organization Descriptions
College of Public Health Student Organization Descriptions
Graduate Student Organization Descriptions
UNMC Wide Student Organization Descriptions

Organization Advisor Campus Extension Campus Mail  Meetings
Aging Interprofessional Group (AIG) Dawn Venema, D.P.T., Ph.D.
Linda Sobeski, Pharm. D., BCPS
Jessica Semin, MPH, R.N.
ZIP 4420
ZIP 6155
ZIP 6155
American Association of Neurological Surgeons Medical Student Chapter at UNMC Michele Aizenberg, M.D. 9-9605 ZIP 2035 Bi- Monthly
AAWD - American Association of Women Dentists Mary Lynn Froeschle, D.D.S. 402-472-7993 COD ZIP 68583 Weekly
AMSA - American Medical Student Association Jeff Hill, M.D. 9-4169 ZIP 5527 Monthly 
AMWA - American Medical Women Association Myrna Newland, M.D. 9-4081 ZIP 4455 On Call 
AOA - Alpha Chapter of Nebraska of Alpha Omega Alpha Jason Shiffermiller, M.D. 9-2874 ZIP 3331 On Call 
ASDA - American Dental Association
Student Chapter
Merlyn Vogt, D.D.S. 402-472-1479 COD ZIP 0740 Monthly 
ASP - Academy of Students of Pharmacy John Ridgway 9-5774 ZIP 6045 Bi-Weekly
Ambassadors Club - College of Dentistry Merlyn Vogt, D.D.S. 402-472-1479 COD ZIP 0740 On Call
American Physician Scientists Association – Nebraska Local Association Justin Mott, M.D. 9-3177 ZIP 5870 On Call
Bridge to Care Drissa Toure, Ph.D. 9-9661 ZIP 4340 Monthly
Business of Medicine Interest Group Toby Free, M.D. 402-595-2275 ZIP 8020 Monthly
Campus Fellowship for Christ Thomas Porter, M.D.  9-8150   ZIP 2265 Bi-Weekly
Cardiovascular Interest Group Samer Sayyed, M.D.
Aleem Siddique, M.D.
ZIP 2265
ZIP 2315
Catholic Medical Association Student Section (CMA-SS) Arun-Angelo Patil, M.D. 9-4648 ZIP 2035 Bi-Weekly
CHESS (Community Home Elder Safety Solution) Jane Potter, M.D. 9-7517 ZIP 6155 Monthly
Chinese Scholar and Student Association Jialin Zheng, M.D. 9-5656 ZIP 5930 Monthly
CPFI - Christian Pharmacists Fellowship Intl. Tim McGuire, Pharm.D.
Jonathan Vennerstrom, Ph.D.
Gary Yee, Pharm.D. 
ZIP 6025 Bi-Weekly
College of Dentistry Christian Medical & Dental Associations David G. Dunning, Ph.D.
Brian Lange, Ph.D.
COD ZIP 68583 Weekly 
Decreasing the Donor Deficit        
Dermatology Interest Group  Ashley Wysong, M.D.  9-5319  ZIP 5520  Monthly
Do justice       Monthly
Empower Shireen Rajaram, Ph.D. 9-5345 ZIP 4365 Monthly
Endocrinology Student Interest Group (ESIG) Vijay Shivaswamy, M.D. 9-6208 ZIP 4130 Bi-Weekly/
Family Medicine Interest Group Mindy Lacey, M.D. 9-5393 ZIP 9350 Monthly
Fostering the Future Sara Brown, Ph.D.
Terri Mathews, Ph.D.
ZIP 5330 Monthly
Functional and Integrative Medicine Group Amy Cannella, M.D.
Daniel Surdell, M.D.
ZIP 3025
ZIP 2035
Gold Humanism Honors Society Charity Evans, M.D.
Shannon Boerner, M.D.
ZIP 3280
ZIP 6430
Graduate Student Association Dele Davies, M.D. 9-5131 ZIP 7810 Monthly
Graduates and Professionals Representing Achievement Sheritta Strong, M.D. 9-6007 ZIP 5575 Monthly
Health Promotion Research & Professional Development Group Asia Sikora, Ph.D. 2-7258 ZIP 4365 Monthly
Holistic Medical Group David Carver, Ph.D. 9-7276 ZIP 4255 Monthly
Infectious Disease Interest Group Angela Hewlett, M.D. 9-8650 ZIP 5400 Bi-Weekly/
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI Open School) – Omaha Chapter Marcel Devetten, M.D. 2-6711 ZIP 7400 Monthly
Integrative Medicine Interest Group David Carver, Ph.D. 9-7276 ZIP 4255 Monthly
Internal Medicine Interest Group Chad Vokoun, M.D. 9-7504 ZIP 3331 Monthly
International Student Association Nizar Wehbi, Ph.D. 9-8964 ZIP 4350 Monthly
Interprofessional Society (IPS) Dean Collier, Pharm.D.
Erin Hoffman, PA
ZIP 6045
ZIP 4300
Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Kristen Cook, Pharm.D. 402-346-8800 ZIP 6045 Monthly  
Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity – Gamma Epsilon Chapter Patrick Fuller, Pharm.D.
Edward Roche, Ph.D.
ZIP 6025 Bi-Weekly
Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Armando De Alba Rosales, M.D., M.P.H. 9-3835 ZIP 4365 Monthly
Living H2O Lutheran Campus Ministry Don L. Bader  
Joyce Black, PhD.
1110 S. 90th Omaha 
ZIP 5330
Luikart Society Libby Crockett, M.D.
Paul Tomich, M.D.
ZIP 3255 Monthly
Medical Center Student Senate David  Carver, Ph.D. 9-7276 ZIP 4255 Monthly
Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum Charles Kuszynski, Ph.D. 9-6299 ZIP 5816 On Call 
Military Medicine Interest Group Paul J. Schenarts, M.D. 9-5248 ZIP 3280 Monthly
Oncology Interest Group Julie Vose, M.D.
Michele O’Connor
ZIP 6840 Monthly
Ophthalmology Interest Group Deepta Ghate, M.D. 9-4276 ZIP 5540 Monthly
OSR - Organization of Student Representatives (AAMC)       Monthly
Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG) Justin Siebler, M.D. 9-8551 ZIP 1080 Monthly
Pathoblasts Geoff Talmon, M.D. 9-4793 ZIP 3135 Monthly
Pathology Interest Group Geoff Talmon, M.D. 9-4793 ZIP 3135 Monthly
Pediatric Interest Group       Bi-Monthly
Phi Chi Medical Fraternity (Upsilon Chapter) Gerald Moore, M.D. 9-7288 ZIP 3025 Bi-Monthly
Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society Charles Krobot, Pharm.D. 9-3736 ZIP 6000 On Call
Phi Rho Sigma – Medical Society Carol Drake, M.D. 402-354-8111 ZIP 5540 Monthly
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  Interest Group Aishwarya Patil, M.D. 9-7861 ZIP 1225 Monthly
University of NE Medical Center  Physician Assistant Student Society (UNMC-PASS) Stephane VanderMeulen, PA-C 9-2723
ZIP 4300 On Call
Plastic Surgery Interest Group Fred Durden, M.D. 9-8363 ZIP 3335 2-3 xs/
Primary Care Progress Liliana Bronner, MHSA, C.N.A. 9-4365 ZIP 3075 Monthly
Psychiatry Interest Group - PsIG Howard Liu, M.D.
Lindsey Corr, M.D.
2-6002 ZIP 5575 On Call
Radiology Interest Group Melissa Manzer, M.D.
Matt DeVries, M.D.
ZIP 1045
ZIP 1045
2-3 xs/
Reproductive Health Advocates Jean Amoura, M.D. 9-4405 ZIP 3255 2-3 xs/ semester
Research Interest Group Jennifer Larsen, M.D. 9-4837 ZIP 7878 Monthly
Residency Roundtable Diane Strnad 9-7493 ZIP 5522 Monthly
Rheumatology and Immunology Interest Group Geoffrey Thiele, M.D. 9-7010 ZIP 6350 Monthly
Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society Linda Farho, Pharm.D. 9-4374 ZIP 6155 On Call
RPSA – Rural Pharmacy Student Association Charles H. Krobot, Pharm.D. 9-3736 ZIP 6000 Bi-Weekly
Saudi Students Club at UNMC Nizar Mamdani 9-3656 ZIP 8130 Bi-Monthly
Shadow a Medical Student TBD     Monthly
Sigma Phi Alpha – Dental Hygiene Honor Society Debra Bals
Gwen Hlava
402-472-1270 COD ZIP 68583 Annual
Simulation Interest Group Paul Paulman, M.D. 9-6818 ZIP 3075 Monthly
Sports Medicine Interest Group Monty Mathews, M.D. 9-6968 ZIP 3075 Monthly
SADHA - Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association Darlene Carritt
Caren Barnes
COD ZIP 68583 Monthly
SARH - Student Association for Rural Health Jennifer Escher, M.ED. 9-3809  ZIP 4275 Monthly 
SUN-APTA – Students of the University of Nebraska – Members of American Physical Therapy Assn. Betsy Becker, DPT 9-5053 ZIP 4420 Monthly 
Student Alliance for Global Health Sara Pirtle, MBA 9-2924 ZIP 5700 On Call
Student Chapter of the Nebraska Medical Association       On Call 
Student Delegates Bill O’Neill
Mark Bowen
ZIP 5230
ZIP 6380
Student Financial Development and Management Club (SFDM) Mike McGlade, M.D. 9-8658 ZIP 5520 Monthly
Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) Mac McLaughlin, M.D. 9-4496 ZIP 8440 Monthly
Student National Medical Association Sheritta Strong, M.D. 2-6007 ZIP 5578 Monthly 
Student Organization for Medical Advancements Michael Dixon, M.D. 9-2172 ZIP 6099 Bi-Monthly
Student Plastic Surgery Interest Group Fred Durden, M.D. 9-8363 ZIP 3335 Monthly
Student Response Team Sharon Medcalf, Ph.D. 2-3090 ZIP 4320 Monthly
Surgery Interest Group Jason Johanning, M.D. 9-4395 ZIP 5182 Monthly
Surgery Resident Alliance Vishal Kothari, M.D. 9-6592 ZIP 3280 Monthly
The Otolaryngology and Head/Neck  Surgery Interest Group (TOHNSIL) Dwight Jones, M.D. 9-7767 ZIP 1225 Monthly
UNMC College of Medicine Significant Others Club Marcia Shadle-Cusic 9-9197 ZIP 5527 Monthly
UNMC Curling Club Alec Carstens 9-5093 ZIP 5530 Monthly
UNMC Cycling Club Jason Johanning, M.D. 9-4395 ZIP 5182 Monthly
UNMC Pride Alliance       Monthly
UNMC Makers 3D Printing Club Emily Glenn, MSLS 9-4085 ZIP 6075 Bi-Monthly
UNMC Musical Society Laurey Steinke, Ph.D. 9-5176 ZIP 5819 Monthly
UNMC Student Journal Club Joyce Solheim, M.D. 9-4539 ZIP 6805 Monthly
Wilderness Medicine Interest Group Phillip Jones, M.D. 402-609-1500 ZIP 1150 Monthly