Trauma and Critical Care Surgery Patient Care

This specialty area is staffed by specialty trained and board certified general surgeons who have critical care certification from the American Board of Surgery. The areas included are not only Trauma and Critical Care Surgery, but also Emergency General Surgery.  Trauma and General Surgery Clinic is located on the 3rd floor of the Lauritzen Outpatient Center. 

Contact Information:

Acute Care Surgery Clinic Follow-Up Appointments: 402-559-4017
Acute Care Surgery Fax#: 402-836-9459

Case Management Nurse:
Jennifer Dickey:  402-559-6075

Physician Assistant/APRN Trauma Critical Care: 
Christina Boje: 402-559-6111
Emily Wheeler: 402-559-6111
Kelly Fenn: 402-559-6111
Kristen Gelber: 402-559-6111
Chase Luther: 402-559-6111
Tim Baack: 402-559-6111
Maggie Bauman: 402-559-6111
Rebecca Witt: 402-559-6111
Jessica Bachmann: 402-559-6111


Trauma Program Director:
Karen Saxton: 402-552-3997

Trauma Program Coordinators:
Dianne Yetter (P.I): 402-559-9156
Ashley Farrens (Violence): 402-559-9154
Jessica Lee (Outreach): 402-559-0849
Marjorie Van Riper (Prevention & Education): 402-559-6708
Candice Thompson: 402-552-3497
Case Management Nurse: 
Terese Koubsky: 402-552-3947

Administrative Offices/Staff:
Jeannie Thomas: (Drs. Evans, Bauman and Berning)
Sue Cramer: (Drs. Buesing, Goede, Matos, Sheppard and Waibel)
Jessica Bruno: (Drs. Cantrell, Kamien and Hamill)
Savannah Reyes: (Drs. Cemaj, Terzian and Kemp)
Karen Kroupa: (Dr. Josef, Trauma/EGS APPs)