Dusk To Dawn


Dusk to Dawn (D2D) is a hospital-based violence prevention program at Nebraska Medicine that exposes youth to the physical and emotional consequences of violence as the catalyst for discussion about values, emotions, problem solving and risk and protective factors. We work directly with the youth, law enforcement and community partners with the common goal of reducing violence among the youth of Omaha by encouraging safe behaviors and environments.

Begin the enrollment process or learn more by emailing D2D@nebraskamed.com.

Dusk to Dawn is a 2 ½ hour program which begins in the trauma bay where youth relive the final moments of one young man’s life as violence stole his life at the age of 20. Youth will see the drastic measures taken in attempt to save a life and the destruction violence places on victims, families and communities. A trained violence prevention specialist guides youth through exercises to build risk recognition and problem-solving skills. Youth will learn to recognize their values and emotions, and how their decisions affect their well being. Youth will leave D2D with a plan for protection from violence.


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