Nebraska Collaborative for Violence Intervention and Prevention

Over the past decade there have been numerous dedicated individuals working tirelessly to promote safety and prevent violence in Omaha through numerous community and academic programs, policies, and initiatives. These efforts have resulted in a decrease in homicides to the lowest rates ever in Omaha, however, have not eliminated the devastation caused by all types of violence in Nebraska.  

Recognizing the need for a cohesive approach, city and state leaders are advocating for a public health approach to reducing violence in Nebraska. The Nebraska Collaborative for Violence Intervention and Prevention (NeCVIP) is collaboration between the UNMC College of Medicine/Department of Surgery and the UNO School of Criminology and Criminal Justice that combines a criminological and medical perspective to reduce gun violence and support victims of violent injury.  The NeCVIP uses a public health approach to address the underlying factors that contribute to violence, built on community assets and culture, and systematically apply data and science to ensure effective outcomes. 

The NeCVIP augments the criminal justice system’s efforts to reduce violence through enforcement, while building and evaluating additional solutions of prevention, intervention, and enforcement and reentry strategies for juvenile and adult justice.  Any one of these without the others is insufficient in providing safety and justice for youth, families, and communities most vulnerable to violence. 

Why is Violence a Public Health Issue?


Together, we can break the cycle of violence in our community.


The NeCVIP is dedicated to the development, implementation, and evaluation of cross-disciplinary, solution-focused programming to reduce violence and strengthen the health and safety of all Nebraskans.