Tobacco Dependence Clinic

For scheduling in the Smoking Cessation Clinic please call 402-559-3232

Rachel Tincher, PA-C, MPAS                            Susie Moore, APRN                       
Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist             Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist                       
                 Rachel Tincher, PA-C           Susie               

Smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States, taking the lives of over 480,000 Americans annually.  Tobacco takes years off of a person’s life and over 60% of patients who continue to smoke will likely die from a tobacco related illness.  It is time to quit! 

It has been found that combined cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy, when used in combination can double to triple the quit rates of patient’s attempting to quit smoking or quit using smokeless tobacco.  Nebraska Medicine Nicotine Dependence Clinic is here to help you be tobacco free.  We feel that resources and opportunities should be available to any and every patient who is ready to make a quit attempt.  For those who aren’t quite ready, let us help you explore the dangers of tobacco and the modalities available to help you quit once you decide it is time.

This clinic is staffed by Rachel Tincher PA-C, who  received training and designation as a  Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Susie Moore, APRN also recently became certified at the Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist Program and is seeing patients in the clinic as well.  Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists are professionals who are specifically trained to provide treatment for individuals seeking to stop using tobacco.  Training entails understanding the science behind the addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and effective treatments.  Persons with CTTS designation are able to help patients develop individualized treatment plans and strategies including: effective and practical behavioral techniques and recommendations regarding medications and potential side effects. 

                The program is available to any patient wishing to pursue abstinence.  Clinic times are available on Tuesday afternoons at the main campus and Thursday afternoons at the Village Point Cancer Center.  For an appointment simply call the Thoracic Surgery Office at 402-559-3232 and ask for a Tobacco Dependence Clinic appointment time.  The benefits of quitting smoking occur within minutes to hours after stopping…now is the time to quit!