MIS Laparoscopic Skills Training

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our Goal

At UNMC our goal is to develop, maintain, and deliver the leading local and regional innovative practices in MIS. We develop novel minimally invasive surgical techniques via device development, testing and clinical application. MIS fosters education for surgeons, fellows, residents, and OR staff within and outside the University. This results in an environment where collaboration between surgeons, nurses and techs is encouraged and leads to an enterprise that creates leading edge MIS techniques and devices along with enhancing quality care and patient safety. 

Wet Labs

The MIS Program at UNMC provides 4—6 wet lab sessions for our General Surgery residents. These courses are mandatory and provide a great opportunity for the residents at all levels to improve upon their laparoscopic skills. 

Dry Labs

Simulation is also used at our facility to improve and perfect the resident’s laparoscopic skills. Endoscopic trainers, manikins, task trainers and FLS trainers are all available.