Program Curriculum

Grand Rounds, Case Conference and M&M

Plastic Surgery Education Conference - Every Wednesday morning, 7am - 9am.  Attendance is required.
Schedule rotates as follows:

Grand Rounds, 7am - 8am - 45 minute discussions with slide presentation on the assigned topics followed by Q&A and group discussion.  Grand Rounds will focus on current plastic surgery topics that mirror the PSEN curriculum and more.  Residents may expect topic assignments for presentation, up to one per month.

2018 - 2019
Curriculum Topics

July - General Principles of Plastic Surgery

August - Burn & Wound

September - Pediatric Plastic Surgery

October - Facial Plastics

November - Reconstruction

December - Open / Speaker's Choice

January - Aesthetic Surgery

February - Head & Neck Surgery

March - Cosmetic Surgery

April - Orthopedic / Trauma

May - General / Micro

June - Open / Speaker's Choice

Case Conference (1st, 4th and 5th (when applicable) Wednesday of Month), 8am - 9am - Residents should plan to lead the discussion for Case Conference, presenting 1-2 cases each in slide presentation format, including photos, from the previous week's cases and provide evidence based examples of alternative approaches to the same.

Faculty Case Presentations (2nd Wednesday of Month), 8am - 9am - Faculty will present cases in Moc Oral Exam style to residents based on the month's current topic. 

M&M (3rd Wednesday of Month), 8am - 9am - Residents should plan to lead the discussion for M&M. Ideally the talk should focus on 3-6 patient examples (1-2 per resident) of recent complications and evidence-based examples of how to avoid or better-approach a similar event.

Journal Club

Last Wednesday of Month, 7am - 8am - Each resident should expect to present 1-2 assigned articles to the group for discussion on a topic relevant to Plastic Surgery. 

Cadaver Lab

2nd Saturday of Month, 8am - 10am - Faculty lead plastic surgery simulation and techniques.  Each lab focuses on a specific area of the body as outlined in the lab curriculum.