Sexual Misconduct

Violence based on sex and/or gender, including sexual assault, concerns most of the world's colleges and universities, including the University of Nebraska Medical Center. We dedicate our work and this site to providing first-rate information and resources to educate our students and the public about sexual assault prevention and awareness. We also want everyone to know what satisfaction relationships - of any mixture - can bring, so we will include information on healthful and healthy relationships.

We intend that the site will serve to assist a survivor immediately after an assault, to provide support to the family and friends of survivors, and to educate members of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the surrounding communities.

Because our knowledge about relationships and sexual aggression is growing, and new resources and information come into our lives and email inboxes daily, this site is ever changing, though the support and good-will that it represents and the hope for a healthier campus culture continue to be the driving forces behind our work.

Sexual Misconduct Policy - UNMC

Student Sexual Misconduct Procedures - UNMC 

Employee Sexual Misconduct Procedures - UNMC