To File a Complaint - Students

To file a Formal Complaint students may contact:

Title IX Coordinator
Carmen Sirizzotti, MBA,
402.559.2710 or at E-mail
Administrative Building - Office# 2010.

Formal Complaint

1. A Complainant may file, or a Title IX Coordinator may sign, a Formal Complaint against a Respondent requesting that the University investigate an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Filing a Formal Complaint is the first step of a grievance process that determines whether the Respondent is responsible for violating the Policy.

Unless a Formal Complaint is dismissed or resolved during one of the steps of the grievance process, the grievance process will include a preliminary review of the Formal Complaint, an investigation, a hearing, and the opportunity to challenge certain decisions through an appeal.

Additionally, an informal resolution process may be available at any time prior to reaching a University determination regarding responsibility. If applicable, the University may initiate informal resolution or either party may request informal resolution.

2. If the Respondent is no longer a student, employee, or participant in any University- related program or activity at the time of the report, or if the conduct does not fall within the scope of the Policy, the Formal Complaint may be dismissed. The University will, however, help a Complainant identify reporting options outside the University and provide supportive measures.

3. A Respondent is presumed not responsible for the alleged conduct unless a determination regarding responsibility by a preponderance of the evidence is made at the conclusion of the grievance process by the decision maker(s).

4. Where a determination of responsibility for sexual misconduct has been made against the Respondent, the University must provide or give the Complainant remedies.

5. If a Respondent is found responsible for a violation, sanctions may be imposed. Institutional sanctions that may be imposed against students for sexual misconduct range from warning to expulsion. Institutional sanctions against employees range from warning to termination. Institutional sanctions against third parties range from loss of privileges to trespass exclusion orders.


UNMC Compliance Hotline 1-844-348-9584