Responsible Employee


Once UNMC knows or reasonably should know of possible sexual violence it must take immediate and appropriate action to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred.

What UNMC must do when Sexual Violence has occurred?  
  1. Take prompt and effective steps to end the sexual violence,
  2. Prevent its recurrence,
  3. Address its effects, whether or not the sexual violence is the subject of a criminal investigation
What Constitutes Notice?  
  1. Formal complaint to Title IX Coordinator or Deputy.
  2. Complaint to a responsible employee.
  3. If the harassment is widespread, openly practiced, or well-known to students and staff
Who is a Responsible Employee?  

Responsible employee is any employee who:

  1. Has the authority to take action to redress sexual violence
  2. Has been given the duty to report to appropriate school officials about incidents of sexual violence or any other misconduct by students, or
  3. A student could reasonably believe has this authority or responsibility

Responsible employee includes:

  1. Any faculty member leading, coordinating or supervising off-campus academic activities or programs such as study abroad programs, special field trips, etc.
  2. Faculty members who serve in student academic advisory positions (formally designated positions).
  3. Faculty and Staff employees who have management or supervisory duties (Title IX and Title VII)
  4. Staff members who interact with or assist students or employees with Title IX issues
  5. Campus Security Authority (CSA) Employees.
What must a Responsible Employee do?  
A responsible employee must report incidents of sexual violence to the Title IX coordinator. This is because UNMC is obligated to address sexual violence about which a responsible employee knew or should have known.  A responsible employee must report to UNMC Title IX coordinator all relevant details about the alleged sexual violence that the student or employee has shared and that UNMC needs to determine what occurred and resolve the situation. This includes the names of the alleged perpetrator (if known), the student or employee who experienced the alleged sexual violence, other students or employees involved in the alleged sexual violence, as well as relevant facts, including the date, time, and location.
What if a student or employee requests confidentiality?  

Before a student or employee reveals information that he or she may wish to keep confidential, a responsible employee should make every effort to ensure that the student or employee understands:

  1. His/her obligation to report the names of the alleged perpetrator and student/employee involved in the alleged sexual violence, as well as relevant facts regarding the alleged incident (including the date, time, and location), to the Title IX coordinator or other appropriate UNMC officials,
  2. The student’s/employee’s option to request that the school maintain his or her confidentiality, which UNMC (e.g., Title IX coordinator) will consider, and
  3. The student’s/employee’s ability to share the information confidentially with counseling, advocacy, health, mental health, or sexual-assault-related services (e.g., sexual assault resource centers, campus health centers, pastoral counselors, and campus mental health centers)

If the student or employee requests confidentiality:

  1. UNMC will protect the privacy of the parties to the extent possible
  2. In some situations the law may require disclosure to respondents
  3. Required investigations may be limited by the information provided by the Complainant and the Complainant's willingness to pursue a formal complaint
  4. UNMC will make every reasonable effort to abide by Complainant's wishes to remain anonymous
  5. UNMC is required to balance request with interest in protecting the safety of other members of the community
What can Non-Responsible Employees do?  
  1. Assist a student or employee with reporting to the Title IX Coordinator and/or local law enforcement; and
  2. Assist a student or employee by providing direction to available resource options

Only employees identified as Responsible Employees have an obligation to report or take action in response to a report or complaint of sexual misconduct. 

What are Campus Security Authority (CSA) officials?  
Campus Security Authority (CSA):  Campus authorities are officials who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities.  UNMC campus authorities include  the Chancellor; Campus Security; Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance; Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance; Director, Business Services, Business and Finance; Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Chief Compliance Officer; Chief Student Affairs Officer;  Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources; Human Resources Division Director, Strategic Staffing, Compensation, Records, HRIT and Title IX Coordinator; Student Health Care Staff; Manager of Student Housing.