• Curriculum Transitions Group
    Kelly Caverzagie, MD, Chairperson
    Gerald Moore, MD
    Gary Beck, PhD
    Wendy Grant, MD
    Geoffrey Talmon, MD
    Richard MacDonald, PhD
    Sheila Ellis, MD
    Michael Wadman, MD
    Regan Taylor, MD
    Kimberly Latacha, PhD
    Rowen Zetterman, MD
    Amy Cannella, MD
    Kathryn Dybdall, MS, MA
    Teri Hartmann, MLS

  • Foundational Sciences Oversight Committee
    Geoff Talmon, MD, Co-Chairperson
    Rick MacDonald, PhD, Co-Chairperson
    David McMillan, PhD
    Brian Boerner, MD
    Kimberly Latacha, PhD
    Jennifer Adams, MD
    Trevor VanSchooneveld, MD
    Ali Cushman-Vokoun, MD, PhD
    Kelly Kadlec, MD
    George Rozanski, PhD
    Russ Buzalko, PhD
    Mike Huckabee, PA, PhD

  • Clinical Sciences Oversight Committee
    Sheila Ellis, MD, Chairperson
    Dave O’Dell, MD
    Mindy Lacey, MD
    Charity Evans, MD
    Adam Reinhardt, MD
    Karen Carlson, MD
    Sharon Hammer, MD
    Matt DeVries, MD
    Jean Simonson, MD
    Justin Mott, MD

  • Career Launch Oversight Committee
    Mike Wadman, MD, Chairperson
    Kim Jarzynka, MD
    Rachel Bonnema, MD
    Pat Doherty, MD
    Justin Siebler, MD
    Amy Cutright, MD
    Lisa Schlitzkus, MD

  • Personal & Professional Preparation Oversight Committee
    Regan Taylor, MD, Chairperson
    Devin Nickol, MD
    Dave Carver, PhD
    Steve Wengel MD
    Byers Shaw, MD
    Gale Etherton, MD
    Jim Medder, MD
    Christopher Smith, MD
    Alice Schumaker, MPH, PhD

  • Assessment & Remediation Oversight Committee
    Gary Beck Dallaghan, PhD, Chairperson
    Alan Erickson, MD
    Kim Schenarts, PhD
    Sarah McBrien, MS
    Andrew Patterson, MD
    Jeff Hill, MD
    Patti Carstens, MS

  • Block Leaders

    Geoff Talmon, MD
    Rick MacDonald, PhD

    Shantaram Joshi, PhD
    Krishna Gundabolu, MBBS

    Defenses and Invaders
    Paul Fey, MD
    Geoff Thiele, PhD
    Sara Bares, MD
    Andrea Zimmer, MD

    Amy Neumeister, MD

    Musculoskeletal and Integument
    Amy Cannella, MD
    Kimberly Latacha, PhD

    Samer Sayyed, MD
    George Rozanski, PhD

    Craig Piquette, MD
    Harold Schultz, PhD

    Jennifer Fillaus, MD
    Troy Plumb, MD

    Fedja Rochling, MBBCH
    Justin Mott, MD, PhD

    Subodh Lele, MD
    Shyamal Roy, PhD

    Paul Larsen, MD
    Sheritta Strong, MD
    Robert Norgren, PhD
    Diego Torres, MD