Health care delivery is rapidly changing.  Advances in science have led to a greater understanding of disease and the advent of novel therapies designed to improve health. Patient expectations have also changed with the demand for timely information and more personalized care. There is an enhanced focus on quality, safety and team-based care.

At this same time, health professions education is also evolving.  There is now a focus on educational outcomes, where learners are required to demonstrate the application of knowledge learned in a clinical environment. Technology has facilitated greater student access to curricular material and dramatically altered how students utilize information to achieve curricular goals. 

The faculty and staff at the UNMC College of Medicine have embraced the challenges presented by these rapid changes in health care and education with the Training the Physicians of Tomorrow curriculum. As highlighted in the Training the Physicians of Tomorrow Charter, this curriculum is focused on improving health by focusing on patients and learners through the incorporation of new systems of learning, instructional strategies and development. 

To assist faculty in transitioning to new methods of teaching, a Faculty Resource Center has been established. This resource provides faculty with numerous options for incorporating active learning principles into their curricular activities.