Services and equipment in the AMCF are provided with support from multiple funding agencies and MUST be appropriately cited for sustained operation of these shared resources. AMCF users are obligated to fully acknowledge the facility and its funding sources in formal publications and presentations containing any data generated in the facility. Researchers may now use a simplified core acknowledgement statement referencing our Research Resource ID (RRID),

“We acknowledge use of the University of Nebraska Medical Center - UNMC Advanced Microscopy Core Facility (AMCF), RRID:SCR_022467, P20GM103427 (NIGMS, NE-INBRE), P30GM106397 (NIGMS, NCCS), P20GM130447 (NIGMS, CoNDA), P30CA036727 (NCI, Buffett Cancer Center), S10RR027301(NIH), S10OD030486 (NIH), Nebraska Research Initiative, UNMC Vice Chancellor for Research Office.”    

As appropriate, please additionally include the following,

"We additionally thank [INSERT APPLICABLE NAMES] of the UNMC AMCF for their assistance."

 James R. Talaska, B.S., Camille Hennerberg, B.S., Janice A. Taylor, B.S., Heather Jensen-Smith, Ph.D.

Did the AMCF make a significant contribution to your work?  Please review common practices and recommendations for authorship below.

Reprints and/or PDFs of publications are greatly appreciated. These are critically important for our annual reports to internal and external funding agencies. Researchers proactively reporting current and past publications to the AMCF significantly reduce our burden to report all core-associated publications, allowing our staff to devote more time to supporting your research and imaging needs.

Instructions for adding/linking grants to existing publications
(even if not appropriately cited in the original manuscript)

  1. Go into MyNCBI: Your login will be the same one that you used to create your “My Bibliography” for NIH Biosketch purposes.
  2. After login, click on your login name in the top right corner to check your Account settings to make sure that MyNCBI is linked to NIH and the eRA Commons. If it already is, you will see the words “eRA Login” under “Linked Accounts”. Otherwise, click “Change” and add NIH and eRA Commons from the dropdown menu. (Important: You will not be able to add the link to our grant unless you have linked MyNCBI and the eRA Commons)
  3. Go back to “MyNCBI” homepage.
  4. Choose the article to which you want to add the grant citation.
  5. Click on “Manage Citations” on the top left and choose “Manage Awards”.
  6. Select the “Search/Add other awards” tab. Select the appropriate grants (see below) and close.
  7. All publications supported by NIH money must comply with NIH’s Open Access Policy ( and must have a PMCID (Different than an automatically assigned PMID). To get the PMCID, follow the directions under “Public Access Compliance” to the right of each article listed in your MyNCBI.

Authorship Guidelines

The following guidelines should be used to ensure shared research resources, including staff scientists, are appropriately recognized, and cited for their scientific contributions. These guidelines are aligned with recommendations from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors describing what merits authorship in publications. Adapted from Hockberger et al 2018.


Guideline 1: The following activities should be acknowledged on manuscripts and grants, but they do not by themselves meet the criteria for authorship.


Guideline 2: If all of the following conditions are met, then a core scientist should be invited to be a coauthor on the manuscript. If a core scientist contributed 1 or more of these, but not all, then it is up to the discretion of the PI whether authorship is warranted.


Guideline 3: If any of the following conditions are met, then the core scientist should be invited to be a coauthor on the manuscript.

For all new publications, please use the RRID statement above. In addition to our RRID listing/funding acknowledgement on the CoreMarketplace, the AMCF acknowledges support from the following:amcf2.jpg
  • Zeiss 710 CLSM (NIH S10 RR027301)
  • Zeiss 800 CLSM with Airyscan (NIH P30 GM106397)
  • Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7 live cell imaging system (NIH P30 GM106397)
  • Zeiss Axioscan 7 whole slide scanner (NIH P20 GM103427)
  • UltraMicroscope II Light Sheet Microscope (NIH S10 OD030486)
  • HALO-equipped workstation (NIH P20 GM103427)
  • IMARIS-equipped workstation (NIH S10 OD030486)

  • Additional Facility Support
    • NIGMS Nebraska INBRE P20 GM103427
    • NIGMS Center for Cellular Signaling CoBRE P30 GM106397
    • NCI Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center support grant P30 CA036727
    • Nebraska Research Initiative
    • UNMC Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research