Fees & Services

All prices below are for patrons with the University of Nebraska System (UNMC, VAMC, UNO, UNL, UNK). External academic and corporate rates are available. Contact core director for current prices.

Scanning of user samples with Imaging Specialist, AMCF staff scanning for users, and/or basic training with user’s samples

Weekdays: 8 AM – 6:00 PM     $40.00/h
  • With advanced scheduling, early morning (7am) and/or extended evening access (4:30 PM - 7 PM) may be available. Contact Core Manager.

Scanning by independent users with Imaging Specialist available

Weekdays: 8 AM – 6:00 PM     $30.00/h
  • With advanced scheduling, early morning (7am) and/or extended evening access (4:30 PM - 7 PM) may be available. Contact Core Manager.
  • Not all systems (Axioscan) are available for researcher operation, some systems (Ultramicroscope, Cell Discoverer 7, Elyra PS.1) are only available for researchers achieving super-user status (requires extended training and system proficiency).

Scanning by certified* independent users

Nights (after 6:00 PM) and weekends     $20.00/h
  • New users must accumulate at least 20 hours of daytime use, display proficient and safe operation, and receive permission from AMCF staff to be approved for independent access on nights and weekends.
  • Researchers achieving independent access permissions may also request independent scheduling permissions in RSS for night (6pm – 7am) and/or weekend access.
  • Users are expected to schedule times and machines appropriately. Computer usage will be checked regularly, anyone using systems without permissions and/or reservations will lose access.

Whole Slide Scanning (Fluorescent, Transmitted Light)

20x Transmitted Light slide scan     $12.00/each                                                                         

40x Transmitted Light slide scan     $14.00/each                                     

20x Fluorescent Light slide scan      $15.00/each

40x Fluorescent Light slide scan      $18.00/each             

Tissue Clearing with X-Clarity System

x-clarity.pngThe X-Clarity system uses proprietary buffers and media to optically clear samples. Clearing is a de-lipidation process, samples with low lipid content may not be rendered completely transparent.

Regular run (polymerization + active clearing) of 1-6 samples   $100/run
  • Up to six, 1 cm samples may be run at one time.
½ Regular run (polymerization + active clearing) of 1-3 samples  $50/run
  • Regular runs may be split between two researchers.
Large run (polymerization + active clearing) of 1-6 samples         $150/run
  • Very dense samples (brain, tumors, large samples) may need to complete two active clearing cycles (requiring more buffer)
Clarity Refractive Index Matching (RIM) Media Imaging                $6/ml
  • Samples must be fully incubated (≥ 24 h) in RIM prior to imaging
  • Samples will be returned to researchers for antibody labeling in PBS. RIM should only be used as the final step, prior to imaging.

Data Analysis Workroom (DRC I Room 1036)

HALO and IMARIS Workstations (see below)  $5.00/h

Zeiss Workstation                                        $0/h

Advanced training in live cell experiments, FRAP, FRET, Multi-time with Autofocus, etc. (using researcher samples)

Weekdays: 8 AM – 4:30 PM     $50.00/h

Advanced Consultation with AMCF Director (Dr. Jensen-Smith) 

Initial (1h) project consultation provided free of charge (with support from INBRE program and FBPCC shared research resource grant). When expertise is required and goes beyond the scope of additional consultations, the director may agree to serve as a collaborator for a given project. Contact the director to discuss.

Additional consultation provided at $30.00/h

Billing Policies and Procedures