RUG 2012 Sessions

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Embase: Learn to Complete your Systematic Review with UNMC's newest database

Tues, October 30

If you need to do a Systematic Review and you're searching MEDLINE, you're only seeing part of the picture. Embase holds over 25 million indexed records from more than 7,600 active, authoritative journals, including all of Medline as well as 2,000 biomedical journals not currently covered by MEDLINE. It provides comprehensive coverage of all relevant biomedical literature. Jessica Herzog from Embase/Elsevier demonstrated the ins and outs of searching the database to find drug information, medical device literature, conference proceedings, and literature that is unavailable from other resources.

Marketing Research Beyond Your CV; Scopus and SciVal Experts Workshops

October 3 & 4, 2012

In today's tough funding climate you must raise your research visibility to remain competitive. Take advantage of these short, hands-on sessions to increase visibility of your research using UNMC's web tools. The Vice Chancellor for Research hosted several open workshops for researchers and their staff to ask questions and update Scopus publication records, enhance SciVal Experts research profiles, and set personal funding alerts.

Mobile and Desktop High Definition Video Collaboration

Wed, Oct 3, 2012

Max Thacker, ITS Associate Director, demonstrate a high definition desktop and mobile video conference tool that is now available to the UNMC campus. The system provides quality interactive video between two or more sites, and can be installed on Mac’s, PC’s, I-Pads, I-Phones and Androids. The application is also able to share documents, Power Point and other applications from the desktop.

Adobe in Design

Eric White from Printing Services taught a hands-on session teaching basic skills of Adobe InDesign, including how to set up a file, create and work with PDFs, common problems seen at Printing Services, followed with questions and answers. Another more advanced session will be scheduled around October. Future Adobe InDesign Basics sessions will be scheduled. Please contact if you would like to know when they will be offered.

Setting up Research Alerts

Alissa Fial from McGoogan Library presented this session “Setting up Research Alerts” on Monday, August 27 from 2-3 p.m. in MSC (Sorrell) 2018. Alerts can assist you in keeping up to date with what is being published on a topic as you conduct your own research. Watch this session and learn how to create effective alerts to new research on your favorite topics from online resources including: Google News, Google Scholar, Scopus, EBSCOhost, and PubMed.

Increase your research visibility

Having trouble finding a research team for your next research project? Feeling invisible? This seminar will show you how to increase your research visibility by using personal research statements, metadata keywords, adding Intellectual Property, and expanding your publication index. SciVal Experts' newest upgrade will allow you to customize your research profile to increase your visibility to potential collaborators and receive personal funding alerts. Administrators who maintain research faculty CV’s, funding announcements or other research related activities are strongly urged to watch.

  • Thursday, June 28th, 2012 session recording not available.

CCORDA (Center for Collaboration and Research Design and Analysis) Services for Researchers (Jane Meza)

5/24 from 10-11 a.m. in COPH 3013.

This session outlined the CCORDA services available to researchers, including biostatistics, epidemiology and health services research.

Grant Writing: Specific Aims page (Melody Montgomery)

May 15 from 2-3 in DRC1004

Melody Montgomery, Editorial Grants Specialist in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, offered a session to help researchers prepare for the upcoming NIH grant proposal deadlines. This seminar session was dedicated to the 1-page Specific Aims page of your NIH proposal. This page serves as the summary of your proposal and is the single, most-important page of your proposal. It must captivate and grab the reviewer’s attention, providing a positive initial impression of the competitiveness/scoring for your application.

EndNote Basics

5/17 from 10-11 a.m. in DRC1004

Presented by Robin Taylor. Learn the basics of using EndNote for references in publications.

Scopus Advanced Training

4/4 from 1-2:30 p.m. in 1005 Sorrell.

Presented by Alissa Fial, Library. During this 60-minute session, learn more about the database Scopus and what it has to offer them: including journal analytics, citation tracking, author searching and how to find an author’s h-index.

Introduction and Training on NEW Research Collaboration Tool: SciVal Experts

This class will demonstrate the varied uses of this new research tool including:

  • Helping researchers connect with other experts to form multidisciplinary teams, introduces new faculty to potential collaborators and access up-to-date publication lists by researcher and department
  • Helping students find mentors, discover articles to read and explore research areas.
  • Allowing other universities, corporations and government agencies to find researchers to collaborate with on grants and other research projects.
  • Letting donors identify researchers to sponsor by exploring their profiles and accomplishments.


  • Bennett Hall session 1/18 not available
  • Sorrell Session 1/18 not available