What is the difference between a UNMC Enterprise Account and a Personal Box Account?  
  • A UNMC Enterprise Account is set up by the Research IT Office (RITO) and is tied to your UNMC login.
  • A Personal Box Account is not tied to your UNMC login and is tied directly to Box.
What type of box account do I have?  
  • If you had to have the Research IT Office (RITO) set up your account so you can share access, then you have a UNMC Enterprise Box Account and login using your UNMC account credentials at https://unmcresearch.account.box.com/login.
  • If you have only been invited to collaborate on a project, then you have, or need, a personal box account and login with non-UNMC credentials at https://account.box.com/login.
I am trying to log in, but I don't know what I need.  
I'm a collaborator, but I'm unable to login.  
  • If you have not yet signed up for a personal box account, please sign up at https://account.box.com/signup/n/personal. Note: Personal box accounts are separate from your UNMC Account.  Please do not re-use your UNMC password for your personal box account.
    • If it says that your email is already in use (which can happen when added to collaborate prior to you signing up for a personal account), then you can proceed to reset your password through the 'reset password' link at https://account.box.com/login.
    • Enter your email address and click "Reset Password"
    • You will receive an email to reset your password, which you can follow to set your new password.
    • After you reset your password, you can log into your personal box account at https://account.box.com/login.