About i2b2

In summary, the I2B2 software framework connects to de-identified version of ICRD and can be used by UNMC & Nebraska Medicine researchers. On the other hand, the PopMedNet also connects to de-identified version of ICRD but serves GPC network partners.

UNMC & Nebraska Medicine researchers who are interested to learn more about I2B2 platform, please contact Dr. Jim McClay (jmcclay@unmc.edu) (project PI) or Dr. Ashok Mudgapalli (Director of Research IT – Ashok.mudgapalli@unmc.edu)

As of 7/23/2015

Extract from Nebraska Medicine OneChart Epic Installation

Full data from go-live

Nebraska Medicine data in the NAACCR Cancer Registry

Full data until 6/2015

SS Death Index - utilized to update Vital Status

Trails by 12-18 months

Surescripts dispense data for Nebraska Medicine patients



Curated Data Sets in both de-identified and identified format


56,135,648 facts about 1,766,089 patients

All historical contacts

Diagnosis (ICD-9)

8,730,179 facts about 538,292 patients

Encounter, Billing and Problem list


36,833,466 facts about 990,442 patients

 by service area and type

Procedures (CPT)

6939,488 facts about 277,310 patients

Procedures (ICD9)

282,596 facts on 69,150 patients


81,072,933 facts on 257,288 patients

Coded by ingredient

Cancer Cases

3,831,011 facts on 28,005 patients

From NAACCR Registry

Clinical Findings

2,683,176 facts on 461,851 patients

Nursing Flowsheet Information

Clinical Measurements

138,315,971 facts on 1,766,250 patients

Includes VS, O2, Weight, etc.

Continued expansion based on needs


172,320,116 facts on 1,766,130 patients

LOINC encoded

Anatomic Path and Microbiology encoding underway

Nursing Findings

Fall risk assessment

Expanding based on use case

Social History

1,780,120 facts on 256,702 patients

Smoking and alcohol


Data Sets under development

Members of I2B2 Team at UNMC:

Dr. Jim McClay (PI)
Dr. Jim Campbell
Dr. Ashok Mudgapalli
 Dr. Michael Gleason
Dr. Scott Campbell
 Russ Buzalko (Project Manager)

Former Members:

Mr. Jason Lebsack