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The Mission

Driven by the needs of patients who seek treatment for their incurable diseases, The University of Nebraska Medical Center has established the regenerative medicine program.  Our mission is focused on bringing together forward thinking scientists and clinicians who are committed to understanding the basic science behind tissue engineering and development.  By translating these concepts we seek to pioneer regenerative therapies that can be taken into the clinic, spreading hope throughout the Nebraskan community and around the world.
New therapies are on the horizon… Hope is on the horizon.

Our Vision

Envision a world with no donor organ shortage, where victims of diabetes are cured, damaged hearts are replaced, and major extremity wounds are repaired.  Regenerative medicine may make these dreams a reality. The potential outcomes of Regenerative Medicine are endless.   

Regenerative Medicine is an emerging interdisciplinary field of research.  The clinical applications resulting from this field focus on the repair, replacement or regeneration of cells, tissues, or organs to restore lost function that has been lost from any cause, including hereditary defects, disease, injury, and aging.  Using methodologies from diverse scientific fields, Regenerative Medicine has the capacity to launch far ahead of traditional transplantation and replacement therapies.

The Regenerative Medicine Program has been established at UNMC to bring many areas of science and medicine together to provide those in Nebraska and surrounding areas more advanced therapies and treatments that can enhance their quality of life beyond what we are currently capable of providing.  Researchers hope to develop strategies to grow bone and muscle tissue for amputees or new heart tissue for those who suffer from heart disease. 

Here at UNMC, researchers and students have access to state of the art facilities and equipment to allow successful research to expand and grow.   


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