The Radiography Program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center is offered as a primary certification modality within the Department of Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences at UNMC. The 21 month program consists of lecture, demonstrations, laboratory, and clinical instruction using a multitude of educational delivery methods such as face-to-face, synchronous with live video stream, hybrid, and asynchronous formats. See our program curriculum for more details. A comprehensive knowledge base and clinical competencies are achieved through a plan of study that focuses on increasing proficiency under the supervision of quality faculty and staff. Campus locations include Columbus, Kearney/Grand Island, and Omaha.

Upon completion of 26 specified college prerequisites and the 21 month professional program, students are awarded a Bachelor Degree in Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences and are eligible to take the national examination for certification in Radiography by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Students having completed the Radiography program may also apply for an additional year of study in a secondary certification Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences Program.


"I love the radiography program at UNMC because we are exposed to a variety of different things including surgery, fluoroscopy, and diagnostic x-ray. This allows us to be a part of helping many people in the process of diagnosing injury or diseases." - Nathaniel Deeds, Radiography graduate

"UNMC's greatest advantage is the opportunity to learn textbook form and work hands on with real-life patients simultaneously." - Brigette Root, Radiography graduate