Ice Skating

The Ice at the UNMC Rink Location:

The Ice at the UNMC rink is located between 42nd and 40th streets and Dewey and Emile Streets.

UNMC Ice Rink skaters

Campus Map


Phone number for Ice Rink:  402.559.0697 (has voice message if closing due to weather conditions, etc.)


UNMC, University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Clarkson College, Nebraska Medicine employees, students, and dependents and Ronald McDonald House employees and house guests (must present a valid ID badge): FREE
(skate rental free) - No photo. No skate. Each and every time. No exceptions.

General Public: $7 (with skate rental)

Cash and credit cards only.  No checks or debit cards.


The Ice Rink will be closed if the wind-chill is zero degrees or below, based on the Weather Channel. Call 405.559.0697 to see if the Ice Rink is open. 

In the event of extreme snow, please call 402.559.0697 to see if the Ice Rink is open.

Skate Sizes:

Children's sizes 8 - 13 (can fit children as young as two years old - double blades available in smaller sizes)
Adult sizes 1 - 14



Three outdoor restrooms are located just north of the skating rink (one women's, one men’s and one handicap accessible)

Code of Skater Responsibility:

Safety is our Top Priority:

Skate at Your Own Risk:

By purchasing an admission ticket and/or entering the ice rink area, you are aware that ice skating involves certain inherent risks which may cause serious injury or death.  You freely volunteer to participate, and accept all known and unknown risks while in the ice rink facility.  Further, you release the Ice Rink, its sponsors, its operators and its equipment suppliers against any claims and all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense you may incur.

Be aware-- skate with care!