Below are a list of the members on the various College of Medicine committees.
Clerkship Director Committee  
Member Department
Beck Dallaghan, Dr. Gary L. (ex-officio) Office of Medical Education
Carlson, Dr. Karen OB-GYN
Evans, Dr. Charity Surgery
Hammer, Dr. Sharon Psychiatry
Hill, Dr. Jeffrey (ex-officio) Family Medicine
*Moore, Dr. Gerald F. Internal Medicine
O'Dell, Dr. David V. Internal Medicine
Lacey, Dr. Mindy Family Medicine
Simonsen, Dr. Kari Pediatrics
Pope, Sue Admission & Students
* Chair of Committee
Curriculum Committee  
Member Department
Adams, Dr. Jennifer J. Anesthesiology
Batra, Dr. Rishi Surgery HO
Beck Dallaghan, Dr. Gary L. (ex-officio) Office of Medical Education
Caverzagie, Dr. Kelly J. Internal Medicine
Erickson, Dr. Alan R. Internal Medicine
* Grant, Dr. Wendy J. Surgery
Harrison, Dr. Jeffrey D. Family Medicine
Hill, Dr. Jeffrey W. (ex-officio) Family Medicine
Kadlec, Dr. Kelly D. Pediatrics
MacDonald, Dr. Richard G. (ex-officio) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
McMillan, Dr. David C. Pharmacology
Mitchell, Dr. John Alumni
Moore, Dr. Gerald F. (ex-officio) Internal Medicine
Mott, Dr. Justin Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
O'Dell, Dr. David V. (ex-officio) Internal Medicine
Piquette, Dr. Craig A. Internal Medicine
Rohlfson, Dr. Cory Internal Medicine HO
Torres-Russotto, Dr. Diego Neurological Sciences
Wadman, Dr. Michael C. Emergency Medicine
* = Chair of committee
M1 Block Leaders  
Member Core

Geoffrey Talmon, MD (Pathology & Microbiology)
Richard MacDonald, PhD (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)


Shantaram S. Joshi,  PhD (Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy)
Krishna Gundabolu, MBBS (Hematology/Oncology, Internal Medicine)


Paul Fey, PhD (Pathology & Microbiology)
Geoffrey Thiele, PhD (Internal Medicine - Rheumatology)

Defenses & Invaders
Amy Neumeister, MD (Internal Medicine - Diabetes, Endocrinology, Metabolism) Endocrine

Amy Cannella, MD (Internal Medicine - Rheumatology)
Kim Latacha, PhD (Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy)

Musculoskeletal & Integument

Samer Sayyed, MD (Cardiology)
George Rozanski, MD (Cellular & Integrative Physiology)


Craig Piquette, MD (Internal Medicine - Pulmonary)
Harold Schultz, PhD (Cellular & Integrative Physiology)


Jennifer Fillaus, DO (Internal Medicine - Nephrology)
Troy Plumb, MD (Internal Medicine - Nephrology)

Renal & Acid-Base

Fedja Rochling, MBBCH (Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology)
Justin Mott, MD/PhD (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)


Subodh Lele, MD (Pathology & Microbiology)
Shyamal Roy, PhD (Obstetrics/Gynecology)

Genitourinary, Gynecologic & Reproductive

Paul Larsen, MD (Pediatric Neurology)
Robert Norgren, PhD (Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy - Neuroanatomy)
Sheritta Strong, MD (Psychiatry)
Diego Torres, MD (Neurology)

Synthesis Blocks

Scott Koepsell, MD, PhD (Pathology and Microbiology)
Matthew Lunning, DO (Internal Medicine - Oncology/Hematology)


Sara Bares, MD (Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases)
Andrea Zimmer, MD (Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases)

Principles of Infectious Diseases

Geoffrey Thiele, PhD (Internal Medicine - Rheumatology)

Rheumatology & Immunology

Elizabeth Harlow, MD (Internal Medicine - Geriatrics)

Kari Simonsen, MD (Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases) Pediatrics
M2 Core Director Committee  
Name Core
Bingcang, Dr. Christopher Cardio/Pulm/Endo/ENT - Subsection Leader (ENT)
Cannella, Dr. Amy Hem/Onc, MS, Derm, BLS - Subsection Leader (MS/Derm)
Fillaus, Dr. Jennifer Intro to Disease Processes Subsection Leader - (Acid-base)
Hanson, Dr. Corrine Introduction to Disease Processes Subsection Leader (Nutrition)
Havens, Dr. Shane Neuro/Ophth/Psych - Subsection Leader (Ophthalmology)
Larsen, Dr. Paul Neuro/Ophth/Psych Core Director; Subsection Leader (Neuro)
Lele, Dr. Subodh Genitourinary Core Director
Lunning, Dr. Matthew Hem/Onc, MS, Derm, BLS - Subsection Leader (Hem/Onc)
Mack, Dr. Lynn Cardio/Pulm/Endo/ENT - Subsection Leader (Endo)
McDonald, Dr. Tom Intro to Disease Processes - Section Leader (Immunology)
McMillan, Dr. David Year Two Director, PBL Coordinator & Pharmacology Coordinator
Neumeister, Dr. Amy Cardio/Pulm/Endo/ENT - Subsection Leader (Endo)
Piquette, Dr. Craig Cardio/Pulm/Endo/ENT Core Director & Subsection Leader (Pulm)
Rochling, Dr. Fedja Gastroenterology Core Director
Sayyed, Dr. Samer Cardio/Pulm/Endo/ENT - Subsection Leader (Cardio)
Strong, Dr. Sheritta Neuro/Ophth/Psych - Subsection Leader (Psych)
Talmon, Dr. Geoffrey

Intro to Disease Processes - Core Director
Intro to Disease Processes - Section Leader (Microbiology)
Pathology - Director

Taylor, Dr. Regan ICE III and IV - Core Director
Beck Dallaghan, Prof. Gary Office of Medical Education, Director (ex-officio)
Student Evaluation Committee  
Member Department
Beck Dallaghan, Gary L. (ex-officio) Office of Medical Education
Binhammer, Robert T. Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy
Carver, David S. (ex-officio) Family Medicine
Erickson, Alan R. (Chair) Internal Medicine
Grant, Wendy (ex-officio) Surgery
Harrison, Jeffrey (ex-officio) Family Medicine
Hill, Jeffrey W. (ex-officio) Family Medicine
Pope, Sue Admissions & Students
Schenarts, Kimberly Surgery
Simonson, Jean Anesthesiology
Smith, John Family Medicine
Steinke, Laurey Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Talmon, Geoffrey Pathology/ Microbiology
Taylor, Regan Internal Medicine General Medicine
VanSchooneveld, Trevor C. Internal Medicine