Below are a list of the members on the various College of Medicine committees.
Clerkship Director Committee  
Member Department
Carlson, Dr. Karen OB-GYN
Evans, Dr. Charity Surgery
Hammer, Dr. Sharon Psychiatry
*Moore, Dr. Gerald F. Internal Medicine
Anderson, Dr. Nathan Internal Medicine
Lacey, Dr. Mindy Family Medicine
Gollehon, Dr. Nathan Pediatrics
Paquette, Lisa Admission & Students
* Chair of Committee
Curriculum Committee  
Member Department
Batra, Dr. Rishi Surgery HO
Caverzagie, Dr. Kelly J. Internal Medicine
Erickson, Dr. Alan R. Internal Medicine
Grant, Dr. Wendy J. Surgery
Harrison, Dr. Jeffrey D. Family Medicine
Kadlec, Dr. Kelly D. Pediatrics
MacDonald, Dr. Richard G. (ex-officio) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
McMillan, Dr. David C. Pharmacology
Mitchell, Dr. John Alumni
Moore, Dr. Gerald F. (ex-officio) Internal Medicine
Mott, Dr. Justin Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
O'Dell, Dr. David V. (ex-officio) Internal Medicine
* Piquette, Dr. Craig A. Internal Medicine
Rohlfson, Dr. Cory Internal Medicine HO
Torres-Russotto, Dr. Diego Neurological Sciences
Wadman, Dr. Michael C. Emergency Medicine
* = Chair of committee
Phase 1 Block Leaders  
Member Core

Geoffrey Talmon, MD (Pathology & Microbiology)
Richard MacDonald, PhD (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)


Paul Fey, PhD (Pathology & Microbiology)
Geoffrey Thiele, PhD (Internal Medicine - Rheumatology)
Sara Shunkwiler, MD

Blood, Defenses & Invaders

Amy Cannella, MD (Internal Medicine - Rheumatology)
Kim Latacha, PhD (Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy)

Musculoskeletal & Integument

Samer Sayyed, MD (Cardiology)
Irving Zucker, MD (Cellular & Integrative Physiology)


Daniel Hershberger, MD (Internal Medicine - Pulmonary)
Harold Schultz, PhD (Cellular & Integrative Physiology)


Jennifer Fillaus, DO (Internal Medicine - Nephrology)
Troy Plumb, MD (Internal Medicine - Nephrology)

Renal & Acid-Base

Robert Norgren, PhD (Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy - Neuroanatomy)
Sheritta Strong, MD (Psychiatry)
Diego Torres, MD (Neurology)


Fedja Rochling, MBBCH (Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology)
Justin Mott, MD/PhD (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)


Amy Neumeister, MD (Internal Medicine)
Shyamal Roy, PhD (Obstetrics/Gynecology, courtesy professor in Cellular/Integrative Physiology)

Endocrine and Metabolism

Subodh Lele, MD (Pathology & Microbiology)
Shyamal Roy, PhD (Obstetrics/Gynecology)

Genitourinary, Gynecologic & Reproductive
Synthesis Blocks  

Scott Koepsell, MD, PhD (Pathology and Microbiology)
Matthew Lunning, DO (Internal Medicine - Oncology/Hematology)


Sara Bares, MD (Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases)
Paul Fey, MD (Pathology/Microbiology)

Principles of Infectious Diseases

Geoffrey Thiele, PhD (Internal Medicine - Rheumatology)
Amy Cannella, MD (Internal Medicine - Rheumatology)

Rheumatology & Immunology

Elizabeth Harlow, MD (Internal Medicine - Geriatrics)

Kari Simonsen, MD (Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases) Pediatrics
Student Evaluation Committee  
Member Department
Jean A. Simonson, MD, Chair Anesthesiology
Adam Case, PhD Cellular/Integrative Physiology
Katherine C. Finney, MD Obstetrics/Gynecology
Trek C. Langenhan, MD Internal Medicine
Jennifer A. Leinicke, MD Surgery
Travis L. McCumber, PhD Genetics Cell Biology & Anatomy
John L. Smith, MD Family Medicine
Reagan M. Taylor, MD Internal Medicine
Geoffrey A. Talmon, MD Pathology/Microbiology
David S. Carver, PhD (ex-officio)  
Alan R. Erickson, MD (ex-officio)  
Jeffrey D. Harrison, MD (ex-officio)  
Wendy J. Grant, MD (ex-officio)  
Rose Cancino (medical student)  
Tyler Evans (medical student)