The UNMC Financial Aid Office would like to welcome all of you to your UNMC campus for the 2020-2021 academic year! What a roller coaster year 2020 has been. We want to thank all of your patience as we have adapted to email and ZOOM communications to walk you through the financial aid process. You have all done a great job in making it all come together for your financial aid release in the coming weeks.

Before arriving, we want to familiarize you with the things you need to know regarding your return to campus with regards to financial aid awards, your tuition/fee accounts, and student health insurance.


FALL financial aid awards will be disbursed to your UNMC student tuition/fee account in accordance with the 2020-2021 Disbursement Calendar provided you have:

    • Accepted your 2020-2021 financial aid awards. We encourage you to review your 2020-2021 MyRecords Financial Aid link to ensure you have accepted the awards you want to receive.
    • Completed all additional financial aid requirements that remain on your MyRecords Message Center TO DO LIST to ensure accepted awards can be disbursed: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Letters, Master Promissory Notes, and Direct Loan Entrance Counseling.
    • Registered at LEAST HALF TIME
        • Undergraduate Students – 6 credits
        • Allied Health Undergraduate Online DAO Students (BSMLS/BSMITS)– 6 credit hours
        • Dentistry; Public Health; Graduate Studies Students - 4 credits
        • Allied Health Professional DAO Students (MPS/MPAS) - 4 credits
        • CON MSN/DNP/PMC Students – 3 credits
    • Medicine/ Allied Health Professional/Pharmacy Students-6 credits
  • No HOLDS on your student record. You can review your MyRecords student portal for HOLDS due to past due tuition/fee balances, immunizations, student compliance issues, incomplete admission record requirements, etc.
  • If you have not received a 2020-2021 Award Notification, please do the following before contacting our office:
    • Review your TO DO LIST to determine if you have financial aid documents to complete before your file can be awarded (ex: citizenship documents, tax documents, etc) Please allow 3 business days for these documents to be receipted on your MyRecords account during the peak processing time.
    • Review your MyRecords Message Center under NOTICES SENT for communications that have been sent to your email address and are archived in this Message Center. You should find communications regarding items on your TO DO LIST that may need to be addressed.
    • You may also find your 2020-2021 Award Notification in that box, and you never acted on it.

 Financial Aid Reduction/Cancellation:

  • If you would like to REDUCE or CANCEL student loan awards, please notify the Financial Aid Office of your request no later than September 6, 2020. In accordance with federal regulations, the Financial Aid Office can reduce/return federal student loan funds directly to the Department of Education for 14 days from the first date of the semester. If you choose to reduce your loan aid after September 6, 2020, you will have to return the loan funds directly to your student loan servicer. Our office can provide you with your loan servicer information/web site, however we will not recover aid from your student account for direct return to your loan servicer after September 6, 2020.

 Reinstatement of Declined Loan Aid:

  • If you would like to have previously declined student loan awards REINSTATED, contact the Financial Aid Office with your request. Reinstated aid will not be accepted on your behalf, you must go through the process of accepting the reinstated loan request through MyRecords. Please review the Deadline Dates for loan reinstatement requests. All loan aid that has not been accepted by September 25, 2020 will be cancelled on your MyRecords financial aid award screen. The loan aid will be reinstated upon request.


  • Many of you failed to submit your Scholarship Thank You Note to the financial aid office by August 1, 2020 deadline. You are required to have your notes in our office, OR postmarked, by August 24, 2020. If your MyRecords TO DO LIST includes the Scholarship Thank You Note, our office has not received your note(s). Many of you have multiple scholarship awards. Each award requires a note.
  • Many of you have received late awards and perhaps failed to realize an additional note was needed. Please follow the Scholarship Thank You Note guidance for the correct format and donor information.
  • PLEASE DO NOT spend additional funds on federal expressing/overnighting them to our office… just write the notes and put them in the US MAIL by August 24th; or, scan them to the Financial Aid Office. The scholarship aid will be disbursed to your student account on August 17th; however, failure to write your Thank You Note(s) will result in your program dean being contacted to encourage you to write the letter. This is probably not something you want your program dean to know…especially when you consider they signed your scholarship congratulations letter which advised you a Thank You Note was required.


  • All full time students must carry student health insurance. All full time students are charged for the UNMC Student Health Insurance plan on their tuition/fee account. If you are covered by a parent/spouse/employer insurance plan, you may waive the UNMC SHI fee on your student account. The SHI waiver portal will open up on your MyRecords student portal on August 10, 2020. You must provide your current insurance plan information on the waiver form to waive the SHI charge. The waiver process can take several days to be completed. You are encouraged to waive the SHI fee charge BEFORE your aid is delivered to student accounts to ensure you receive your full refund. Failure to waive the SHI charge early may result in multiple refunds on your account. If you intend to waive your SHI, you must do so in your MyRecords student portal by September 4, 2020. For additional information, and questions regarding SHI please visit Student Health Insurance


  • The Student Accounts Office is responsible for calculating your tuition and fees for each semester of registration. They have advised our office that all tuition and fee calculations should be posted to
  • MyRecords student account by Monday, August 10, 2020. You must be registered for FALL semester for your tuition/fee account to be calculated. Please visit their web page for due dates, approved tuition and fee rates, refund policies, etc.
  • If you are waiting for your fall balance to be calculated before accepting your loan aid, please note that loan aid is not accepted on a term by term basis. When you determine your loan needs, please be sure to include future term estimates in the loan amount you accept. EX: If your fall tuition/fees total $8,000 you will need to accept $16,000 in loan aid to ensure the fall loan amount is $8,000. You should also include extra funds to ensure your NET loan disbursement is $8,000. The Department of Education will subtract loan origination fees from your loan amount before delivering the loan funds to UNMC. The Direct UNSUB and GPLUS loans are interest bearing loans; however, the interest is only accruing on the amount disbursed for fall. When the spring disbursement is released, it then begins accruing on the FALL and SPRING amounts. Interest does NOT accrue on the full loan amount borrowed until all disbursements for that loan have been delivered to your student account.
  • You are not required to pay the interest while in school. The interest accrues, it does not capitalize on the debt until 6 months after graduation.
  • The disbursement date is not the date your refund will be requested. Please follow your MyRecords tuition/fee account AFTER August 19th to determine if the correct amount of FALL financial aid was disbursed to your account. The disbursement routines can take up to 2 days to be thoroughly completed. Per federal regulations, Student Accounts may hold your credit balance refund for up to 14 days after the first day of school. Please continue to review your MyRecords Student Account to determine when your refund has been requested.
  • If you borrowed enough funds to cover the costs of books/equipment and living costs, the fall financial aid disbursement should pay all of your tuition/fee balance AND result in a credit balance refund. How do you want that credit balance refund issued to you? By check or by direct deposit? Follow the refund guidance on the Student Accounts web page to help you with your decision. If you are a continuing student with direct deposit established in MyRecords, review the information for accuracy. Did you change accounts since your last refund?
  • For those of you establishing direct deposit for the first time, the credit balance refund is issued by the State of Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office. Please look for this information when ensuring your deposit has been made to your checking account. Allow 3-5 business days, from the date of the refund request, for the refund to reach your checking account.
  • If you make a decision to have the refund issued by check, PLEASE make sure your address is correct in your MyRecords profile BEFORE that check is requested. If you don’t correct it before that time, the check is going to the wrong address. It will NOT be forwarded to you, regardless of forwarding instructions. It will be returned to the State Treasurer’s Office, who will then return it to UNMC Student Accounts, who will then contact you to come pick it up…that could result in a 30-45 delay in the check delivery to you. Allow 7-10 business days, from the date of refund request, for a refund check to be received at your mailing address.
  • PLEASE do not debit or write checks against your refund until you are certain it has been deposited.


  • Student enrollment is reported to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse on the 15th of each month.  If you are enrolled half time or more (see above) your federal DIRECT student loans will be automatically deferred with the Clearinghouse process. Student loan deferment forms are NOT required for the DIRECT LOAN program. If you experience difficulty with your loan servicer, contact the financial aid office for assistance. If you have PERKINS student loan aid from a prior institution, or prior UNMC undergraduate enrollment, these loans will require deferment forms. The Perkins loan deferment forms are obtained from your prior school or their Perkins loan servicer. Please contact your prior school for deferment form information. All deferment forms are processed through the Academic Records Office


Students receiving federal student aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to retain their federal student aid from year to year. We encourage you to read through this policy as it relates to your college/program standards. If you experience difficulty in your academic year enrollment, we encourage you to contact the financial aid office to discuss the financial aid implications of withdrawing from a course/term; taking a leave of absence, or completely withdrawing from your program BEFORE you take any of enrollment actions. If you failed to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress for 2019-2020, and have not submitted your SAP Appeal, 2020-2021, awards will not be disbursed to you. Review your TO DO LIST for this SAP APPEAL requirement.