Welcome to the 2019-20 Financial Aid Processing information page. Please review the list below to ensure your Financial Aid is on track for completion by August 19th to ensure successful aid delivery to your UNMC student account on August 19th for the start of the FALL 2019 semester.

Log into MyRECORDS and review the following. Use this MyRecords tutorial if you need assistance for this review.

Information regarding FAFSA processing for the 2019-20 aid year can be found here.


  • Review the NOTICES SENT box: These notifications represent a historical record of federally required notifications sent to you. They must remain on your account for federal audit purposes to verify our office has provided you timely reminder or notification details of the financial aid process.

    • If you have filed the FAFSA, you will also have a FAFSA RECEIVED NOTIFICATION on file.
  • VERIFICATION/MISSING INFORMATION letters: If your file is incomplete, you may have SEVERAL notices sent over the past several weeks/months requesting documents to complete your file. These REQUIREMENTS are listed in the TO DO LIST box. All requirements must be submitted to complete your file for packaging – (ex: *2017 Tax Transcript, W2s, worksheets, etc.)

TO DO LIST: All items listed on the TO DO LIST are REQUIRED to continue or complete your aid processing. If an item is listed on your Financial Aid TO DO LIST it has either not been received or has not been completed. Complete the requirements at the earliest possible date-preferably by July 15, 2019. Click on the TO DO LIST items for specific instructions for completing the items. Once submitted, allow 3 business days for TO DO LIST requirements to be removed from the TO DO LIST

  • ENTERING students should be especially mindful of Financial Aid TO DO LIST requirements. Many accept their awards but fail to review their full TO DO LIST for all requirements. Go back and review your TO DO LIST to ensure you have completed all items.
  • Do you have Master Promissory Notes or Graduate PLUS Master Promissory Note listed on the TO DO LIST? Direct Loan Entrance Counseling? These items are generally associated with new students or first time UNMC borrowers. IF you have completed these requirements, REVIEW your loan awards to ensure you have ACCEPTED or DECLINED the loan aid associated with these requirements. MPNs are completed on the federal student loan web site. They are sitting on the federal web site waiting for our office to transmit your loan request to the Department of Education(DE). Once we transmit the loan request to DE, the loan request will match up with your MPN. DE will send us a file of your loan approval and the MPN will fall off the TO DO LIST. If you DO NOT intend to borrow certain loans. PLEASE decline the loan offer. If you decide you want to accept it at a later date, we will gladly reinstate it for you.
  • If you have accepted your loans, did you complete the MPNs and Loan Entrance Counseling. If you accepted your loan awards, those loan requests have been submitted to DE. If an MPN and/or loan counseling have not been completed on the DE website, your loan request cannot be processed by DE.


  • 2019/20 AWARD NOTIFICATION: Final awards have been posted in MyRecords. The 2019/20 Award Notification is in your MESSAGE CENTER/NOTICES SENT box.

  • AWARDS will not process or disburse unless they have been accepted. Use this tutorial if you need assistance in how to accept/reduce/decline your awards.

  • You can review a full breakdown of your 2019/20 Cost of Attendance to determine a semester by semester breakdown of your costs and a budget worksheet to assist with planning your borrowing needs.

  • If you are a dental, pharmacy, or nursing student and have been awarded Health Professions loan aid or Nursing Student loan review your TO DO LIST to ensure you have completed the requirements for this loan..there are multiple loan documents that must be completed by July 15th or the Health Profession/Nursing loan aid will be canceled.

  • If you are receiving an award that is not posted to your awards, you are required to report the awards: scholarships from private donors; graduate assistantship; etc.


  • Require a written Thank You Note. Use this link for Thank You Note requirements and deadlines.

20198/20 VITAL INFORMATION: Use this link for information regarding student loan interest rates, aid disbursement dates and other important financial aid information.

DEFERMENT FORMS are completed by the Registrar’s Office.

  • Send your deferment forms to Academic Records/Kari Wayman

  • Deferments cannot be processed until the start of the FALL SEMESTER. If you owe a student loan payment before August 26, 2019, you are required to make that payment as you are not considered an enrolled student until the first day of the fall term – August 26, 2019.


QUESTIONS: We strongly encourage you to send your questions to finaid@unmc.edu –this email box is continuously monitored and responses are provided before the end of each business day. You may call 402-559-4199 to leave your NAME and PHONE number in the voice mailbox. PLEASE DO NOT leave an extended message – NAME and CALL BACK PHONE NUMBER only-we will visit about your questions/issues/concerns upon the returned phone call. SPEAK CLEARLY and SLOWLY the message option is not timed. We will make every effort to return calls received before 4:30 p.m. on the same business day.   Calls received after 4:30 pm (CST) will be returned the following day. If your call is not returned, the name/phone number were indiscernible –the call cannot not be returned (calls placed while driving, from inside large concrete structures, etc are often garbled in the UNMC voicemail box)

Use the links provided in our communications, tutorials on how to use MyRecords and the myriad web pages available to CURRENT STUDENTS  Visit and use MyRecords often. The MyRecords student portal is your resource for many student related things—especially communications. Staying on top of things expedites the process for you.