Advising/Find a Program


You have come to the right place to explore the exciting world of education abroad.  Opportunities to become more engaged in global health activities and learning are abundant.  At UNMC,  one-week medical experiences to programs of four or more weeks are available.  Your academic program will, in part, dictate what type and length of experiences are available for academic credit.  The links on this page will provide you with information about programs of many types, in many different countries.  All prospective education abroad participants are encouraged to start with the Predeparture Preparations Timeline and then freely explore the program options listed below.  Your academic program may have additional opportunities available.

As academic programs vary widely with respect to the options available for elective possibilities, you are encouraged to contact the Education Abroad Advisor, Sara Pirtle (, to further discuss the opportunities and options that best fit your needs.  Although the optimal time to start exploring the landscape of global health is at the beginning of your academic program at UNMC, don’t let a later start deter you from learning about your options.  Participating in global health is an exciting and highly rewarding experience!

Questions about other options? Please contact Sara Pirtle at