Proposal and Approval Process

To be more efficient, maintain the tracking of MOUs and Agreements, and keep the integrity of the document UNMC has instituted a procedural change to the process for obtaining signatures on behalf of the Board of Regents.

Using DocuSign for electronic signature is supported by Nebraska State Law and will save valuable time to all of our units. The Board of Regents has recently approved DocuSign as a repository for housing contracts and agreements for the University of Nebraska.


1. All documents from outside of the United States of America are to be reviewed and approved by Dr. Jane Meza, Associate Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement at the beginning of the process.

2. All MOUs, Contracts, or Agreements are reviewed and approved by the Dean/Director and Administrator for accuracy and legal obligations. For any questions or issues, please contact the University of Nebraska Associate General Counsel.

3. Review to check there is not a document currently in place. For similar MOUs, Contracts, or Agreements, please work with other colleges, programs, or units to combine them.

4. Signatures should be obtained via DocuSign when possible.

5. Signatures obtained from outside of UNMC is preferred first.

6. Signatures for UNMC are to start from within the department/section (if applicable), then move up the chain to the Senior Vice Chancellor or their designee. This is to be the last signature on the document.

7. Once all the signatures are obtained on the document:

a. The original must be kept in the requesting unit.

b. An electronic copy must be sent to Joanne Loch, Academic Affairs, Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for institutional documentation.