University of Nebraska Medical Center

International Agreements

UNMC has active partnership agreements around the globe, laying the foundation for profound and enriching international educational and research experiences for both faculty and students.

UNMC's goal for international agreements is to build on the academic standing of the collaborating universities. The collaboration should enhance each institution’s competitive advantage in the discipline as well as their international standing while nurturing outstanding research that leads faculty and students to rigorous scholarly and professional training in an international setting.

Our office assists with these partnerships by:

  • Developing and implementing new and established guidelines and policies for international agreements.
  • Drafting, revising, and editing the content of international agreements and coordinating the review and approval process.
  • Liaising with UNMC Legal Affairs, Business and Finance, Research Compliance and Export Control to process agreements and ensure compliance with university, state and federal laws and policies.
  • Maintaining university-wide databases of all pending and finalized international agreements.

Types of Agreements

These are the types of international agreements in which UNMC most commonly enters: