• Liaison & Resource

    Liaison & Resource

    Advancing the educational, research and health delivery missions of the University of Nebraska Medical Center by being the liaison and a resource for elected officials.

The Office of Government Relations serves as a policy resource to identify, monitor and inform elected officials about the potential impact that legislative and regulatory proposals may have on the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  The office coordinates external requests for legislative and research information as well as assisting UNMC staff and employees with outreach activities that involve elected officials.  In addition, the Office of Government Relations assists in keeping individuals who support UNMC informed of issues through the Delegates Program.

The office also works for the vice chancellor for research to identify and develop research funding opportunities and relationships with federal agencies in areas of UNMC expertise.

The Office of Government Relations is the primary liaison between UNMC and elected officials. While the office serves as a resource for elected officials and government agencies by providing information, it also coordinates the outreach and advocates on matters of importance to UNMCs missions of training health care professionals, graduate education, research, and healthcare delivery.

The UNMC Delegates Program

Join the UNMC Delegates program and advocate. Members are kept informed about federal and state legislation affecting UNMC, and are invited to free events throughout the year. It is free to join and registration only takes a minute.