• Build Trust by Protecting Patient Privacy

    Build Trust by Protecting Patient Privacy

    Patients who are confident that we will protect their privacy are more likely to share information that is critical to providing quality healthcare.

Breach Notification

Whenever a breach of protected health information (PHI) occurs, the Privacy Office must provide written notification to the patient and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
The Privacy Office conducts a risk assessment to determine whether or not a breach has occurred.

Examples of potential breaches:

  • Leaving paper records accessible in your home or vehicle
  • Misdirecting a faxed patient record to a restaurant
  • Posting x-rays on the internet
  • Putting PHI in the regular trash instead of the recycling/blue bin
  • Stolen computers, laptops, thumb drives
  • Collecting patient information for potential research without approval
  • Accessing a patient record out of curiosity or concern
  • Blogging about a patient care event on FaceBook

You must report all suspected privacy and information security violations.