Why UNMC? Because we use today’s technology to influence tomorrow’s science and health care. Because a renewed emphasis on interactive and competency-based education, spurred on by our groundbreaking iEXCEL initiative and the upcoming $102 million Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning, builds upon our already nationally-ranked programs. Because you’re the type of person looking to make an impact on the world. And that’s what we do.


iEXCEL will revolutionize health professions education through hands-on learning in realistic but simulated environments with the goal of improving the outcomes of health care for the state of Nebraska.

Constant Growth

New buildings and faculty abound on our campuses – the $323 million Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center with dozens of faculty recruited and more underway is merely the leader of the parade.

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Discover the classrooms, clinics and laboratories you may one day call your own.

Fast Facts

The basic 411 on UNMC. For those who only have 30 seconds to scan a website.


We forge partnerships in China, and beyond, while providing outreach to every corner of our state. At UNMC, we further the cause of research, improved health and patient care.


Today’s, and tomorrow’s, incredible next-generation technology moves our students and faculty from a classroom environment to an experiential environment.

Shalis Ammons came to the University of Nebraska Medical Center from Virginia for the opportunity to do breast cancer research and found an institution that puts students first.
Graner says he is better prepared to become a great nurse because of simulation and hands-on training offered by instructors with real-world experience.