Administration and Core Directors

The Administrative and Planning Core provides leadership, governance, and central services to all Cores, projects, programs, and investigators in the Center. It facilitates participation of the Internal Advisory Committee and External Advisory Committee in the Center’s governance. The Core provides the administrative structure for day-to-day management, and for planning, budgeting, IRB compliance, evaluation, and other essential Center functions. The AP Core leads the Center’s public relations and community engagement efforts in the Center’s region. The Core manages the collaboration with regional institutions participating in the Center. With the strong leadership established by the AP Core, the Center has a clear vision, mission, and goals, aiming to contribute to the reduction of injuries and illnesses in the agricultural community in the Centers’ designated seven-state region.

Organizational Chart

Executive Committee

Center Director - Risto Rautianinen, PhD
Deputy Director - Todd Wyatt, PhD
Administrator - Jenelle Pomicter, BS
Coordinator - Ellen Duysen, MPH

Executive Committee

Pilot and Emerging Issues
Director - Eleanor Rogan, PhD
Research Core
Director - Aaron Yoder, PhD
Education/Translation Core Director - Debra Romberger, MD Outreach Core
Director - Debra Romberger, MD
Evaluation Core Director - Mary Cramer, PhD Evaluation Core
Director - Mary Cramer, PhD