University of Nebraska Medical Center

Investigators and Staff

Cheryl Beseler, PhD

Evaluation, Surveillance

Cheryl Beseler

Coordinator, Outreach, Pilot Program

Ellen Duysen
Kelsey Irvine

Communications Specialist

Kelsey Irvine
Murray Madsen, MS


Murray Madsen

Agricultural Dust and Lung Disease

Jill Poole

Director, Surveillance, Emerging Issues

Risto Rautiainen

Immigrant Worker Safety, Feedyard Worker Safety

Athena Ramos

AgriSafe Network, Outreach to Women and Veterans

Natalie Roy
Mystera Samuelson, PhD

Bison Herd Worker Safety

Mystera Samuelson

Deputy Director, Agricultural Dust and Lung Disease

Todd Wyatt

Research Director, Feedyard Worker Safety

Aaron Yoder