Telling The Story Project

Personal stories have sticking power. For many of us, stories are easier to relate to – and recall – than statistics or data summaries. They bring the message home. Personal stories have impact. They can change the way we view our work and influence decisions we make about tasking risks.

Telling the Story Project features personal accounts of families and individuals directly affected by injuries and close calls. Telling the Story Project is a collaborative effort of three Midwest NIOSH Agricultural Centers to share real-life experiences that raise awareness about safety, risk, and injury prevention.

Our story-sharers have a common motivation: helping others learn from and avoid the same type of incident that they experienced. Their first-hand experiences raise awareness of unrealized hazards, and share lessons learned. We augment their stories with resources for prevention and story·frames, timely reminders in cartoon format.

Our partners include the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (GPCAHS, University of Iowa) and the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH, University of Minnesota).


We invite you to visit And don’t underestimate the power of sharing your own story; it can help others!

"I did some talking to myself. ’My son’s at work. My wife thinks I’m ‘somewhere’. Nobody’s gonna look for me.'" - Kenny Patterson

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