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We work with our safety and health partners to improve the health of agricultural workers through evidence-based interventions that can be effectively adopted across the region and the nation.

Dr. Debra Romberger, MD

Dr. Romberger serves as principal investigator for the outreach work of our center. She also serves as chair of the UNMC Department of Internal Medicine.

Debra Romberger

Ellen Duysen

Ellen Duysen serves as community outreach specialist for the center. She joined the center in 2011 after working as a research scientist for UNMC and in private industry.

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Ellen Duysen

Telling the Story

Personal stories have sticking power. For many of us, stories are easier to relate to – and recall – than statistics or data summaries. They bring the message home. Personal stories have impact. They can change the way we view our work and influence decisions we make about tasking risks. Telling the Story Project features personal accounts of families and individuals directly affected by injuries and close calls. Telling the Story Project is a collaborative effort of three Midwest NIOSH Agricultural Centers to share real-life experiences that raise awareness about safety, risk, and injury prevention.

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Our Results

Training and courses offered by the center have reached hundreds of participants.


Boots On the Ground no-cost trainings across our seven-state region from 2022-2023.


participants trained from across the U.S. during the 2021 Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week.


healthcare providers received free continuing education credits during week-long 2023 Ag Health and Safety Course.

Partner Organizations

We further the center's impact by collaborating with other organizations focused on agricultural health and safety.