Mission, Vision, & Values



To provide competency-based, graduate level education to prepare future and current, health administration professionals to serve as innovative, ethical, and determined leaders who will improve and advance the delivery of health care services.   

Focus: The MHA program is directed toward fulfilling the academic advancement goals of recent undergraduates drawn to health careers, existing professionals looking to enter health administration, mid-career professionals who look to advance their careers in health care and clinicians looking to build careers around administrative service to health care organizations.


Our vision is to be a progressive and transformative program that helps establish administrative leaders to advance strategic, innovative, equitable and high-quality health systems, nationally and internationally.


The values of the Master of Health Administration Program support the University of Nebraska Medical Center's values and the College of Public Health in which the program resides. To that end, the program has established the following program values:  

Principled Decision Making -- We will strive to make principled decisions and encourage students to do the same. 

Competence and Rigor -- We advance an evidence-based curriculum and plan of study that focuses students on the competencies, skills and abilities that lead to success and positive impact in the industry. 

Ethics and Professionalism -- We advocate academic and professional integrity. Ethical behaviors and decision-making are values that drive the program and can be transferred to students.
Diversity and Inclusiveness -- We advance and embrace the inclusion of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and approaches to strengthen the program and the health care industry.

Collaboration and Innovation -- We expand the program’s reach with partnerships regionally, nationally and internationally to provide students pathways into the field.

Responsiveness and Adaptability --  The dynamic nature of health administration embodies this value, driving us to continually change and meet the demands of students and the health care industry.

Service and Excellence -- We value intentional decisions and actions that improve student success and program excellence.

Patient Centered and Respect -- We value the health and well-being of the public and, by extension, believe it is the responsibility of health administration education to build a workforce that is patient-centered and public health focused.