Why Pursue an MPH?

Do you want to be a part of improving the health of a population?  Is a healthy community important to you?  Then an MPH degree can be a large part in achieving your aspirations.  Public health broadly brushes all aspects of our lives.  From food inspection to environmental surveillance of hazards, to immunization promotion programs, public health is at the forefront.  In this wide array of possibilities, you can find your niche in helping communities and people. 

An MPH program focuses on five academic domains of public health at its core: epidemiology, biostatistics, health administration, promotion of health, and environmental health.  Beyond this base are concentrations that provide specialized education and expertise.  A culminating experience with learning in the field and gathering data for a final project prepares the student to go out into the world, equipped and prepared to take on greater responsibilities.

So, whether you are just finishing your undergraduate degree, well on your way in a chosen career and want that public health education/credential, or need a new direction, you are at the right place.  An MPH degree can lead to a new and fascinating career that helps others find a road to health and thus, protects a precious population that includes brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and grandparents.