BSES/MPH Dual Degree

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies/Master of Public Health (BSES/MPH)

The collaborative program is designed for dedicated undergraduate students who are motivated and willing to take on the challenges and opportunities related to professional education.  Therefore, the collaborative BSES and MPH in EOH involves intensive study, a senior thesis and service learning and capstone courses in EOH.

The program of study is guided by the curriculum standards established by the UNL BSES and the UNMC MPH Program. The collaborative program is a 147-155 credit hour undergraduate/professional option that allows eligible students to work toward the EOH concentration in the MPH program requirements while completing their undergraduate degree.


A minimum of 120 credit hours required for BSES degree (Bachelor of Science in Environmental studies)

A minimum of 42 graduate credit hours required for MPH degree (Master of Public Health)

*Courses that will apply toward both degree programs.  A maximum of 18 graduate credit hours from the MPH degree program will be applied towards the BSES degree.

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