MD/MPH Dual Degree

MD/MPH (Medical Doctor/Master of Public Health)

The MD/MPH dual degree program at the UNMC College of Public Health and College of Medicine is designed for students who envision a medical career that incorporates public health and medicine. The MD/MPH program prepares physicians for practice in today’s health care environment. This flexible program combines traditional medical preparation with a focus in one of the seven concentration areas in the MPH degree program. In addition, students are encouraged to pursue programs of study and practice placements that allow the exploration of the multifaceted relationships between medicine and population-focused public health disciplines.

MD/MPH dual degree students typically complete three years of medical school, then complete most of the MPH degree in one academic year, then complete the fourth year of medical school. Students are assigned a faculty advisor in the COPH who will work with the student to build a plan of study to ensure courses are completed in a timely manner. MBA course credit hours transfer to the MPH degree to fulfill elective credit requirements, so students complete 33-36 credit hours towards the MPH program, depending on student concentration. The student’s MPH Capstone committee should include faculty from both programs.

Concentrations areas:

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