Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) shares counseling resources between UNMC and UNO to provide enhanced support for all students as they pursue their academic and career goals. UNMC students have full access to enhanced and expanded mental wellness services, which remain confidential and free of charge.* Our licensed counselors are dedicated to the well-being of students at all levels of education as they pursue their academic and career goals. Counseling needs may change over time, and students will continue to have access to mental health support throughout their academic journey.

CAPS is committed to providing services to best meet students’ needs within our scope of practice. Some of the areas of concern commonly addressed in individual counseling include: anxiety; depression; loneliness; grief; life transitions; accepting self; and effects of trauma. Our professional counselors work with each student to assess their individual needs and determine the best therapeutic approach for their mental wellness, including:  personal counseling, relationship counseling, substance use counseling and evaluation, crisis support, psychiatric referrals, support groups, and purposeful referrals to campus and community resources. In addition, CAPS staff provide suicide prevention and postvention, wellness education, and outreach.

*There is a fee for court-involved substance use evaluations and counseling only.