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Peer Academic and Wellness Mentoring

Peer Academic and Wellness (PAW) Mentoring is an all-encompassing student success program that aides in all aspects of student life to foster success in academic, professional, and student wellbeing. Services offered include:

  • Academic assistance
  • Logistical resources
  • Preparedness practice
  • Support with belonging
  • Wellness resources

Any UNMC student seeking additional guidance with coursework and/or extracurricular success encompassing all aspects of becoming a healthy student and mastering content can benefit from PAW Mentoring. We host students of all cultural backgrounds and beliefs to ensure safe and equitable learning opportunities for all, enabling shared perspectives, skills and experiences.

With PAW Mentoring, you’ll experience an open forum for questions related to being an efficient and effective student with topics including but not limited to:

  • Planning/prioritizing time
  • Study tactics and resources
  • Tools on wellness and stress management
  • Advice on navigating student life
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Meet with a PAW Mentor

Sessions are scheduled based on a mutual agreement between students and Peer Mentors. Click here to schedule an appointment or contact us at academicsuccess@unmc.edu. Sessions are currently offered in-person and online.

Krista Gipson shares why she became a PAW Mentor for the Office of Academic Success.

Video Transcript

“We are here to help meet any needs of the students and, when we can't, we direct them to people who can.”

Carmen Pavlik

Carmen Pavlik

PAW Mentor