Eppley Institute currently has 33 faculty members who conduct basic and translational cancer research in state-of-the-art laboratories. The Cancer Research Graduate Program (CRGP) includes the faculty of the Eppley Institute as well as faculty members in other departments at UNMC who are involved in cancer research.  Summaries of research, research interests and contact information may be found on the individual faculty web pages below.
Hamid Band, MD, PhD Hamid Band, M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Tadayoshi Bessho, Ph.D. Tadayoshi Bessho, Ph.D., Associate Professor - crosslink repair in mammalian cells
 Adrian Black Adrian Black, Ph.D., Assistant Professor -
 Jennifer Black, PhD Jennifer Black, Ph.D., Professor -
Michael Brattain, PhD, Associate Director Michael Brattain, Ph.D., Associate Director - new molecular targets in cancer
Gloria Borgstahl, Ph.D. Gloria Borgstahl, Ph.D., Professor - structure determination by protein crystallography
Ercole Cavalieri, D.Sc. Ercole Cavalieri, D.Sc., Professor - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and estrogens
Kenneth Cowan, M.D., Ph.D. Kenneth Cowan, M.D., Ph.D., Director
Jixin Dong, Ph.D. Jixin Dong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor - hippo signaling and cancer
Michael Green, Ph.D. Michael Green, Ph.D., Assistant Professor - B lymphocyte differentiation and lymphoma
Michael A. (Tony) Hollingsworth, Ph.D. Michael A. (Tony) Hollingsworth, Ph.D., Professor - pancreatic cancer research
Keith Johnson, Ph.D.

Keith Johnson, Ph.D., Professor - cell adhesion

 Adam Karpf

Adam Karpf, Ph.D., Associate Professor - DNA methylation changes in cancer

Terrence Lawson, Ph.D. Terrence Lawson, Ph.D., Professor - molecular epidemiology of cancer
Robert Lewis, Ph.D. Robert Lewis, Ph.D., Professor - cell growth & development
Oksana Lockridge, Ph.D. Oksana Lockridge, Ph.D., Professor - organophosphorus toxicity, cholinesterase treatment
Xu Luo, Ph.D. Xu Luo, Ph.D., Associate Professor - apoptosis
Sidney Mirvish, Ph.D. Sidney Mirvish, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus - nitrosamine carcinogenesis
Mayumi Naramure, M.D. Mayumi Naramura, M.D., Assistant Professor
Amar Natarajan, Ph.D. Amar Natarajan, Ph.D., Professor – Chemical probes for disease relevant post translationally modified targets
Rene Opavsky, Ph.D. Rene Opavsky, Ph.D., Assistant Professor - epigenetics, Rb-E2f pathway, lymphomagenesis
Michel Ouellette, Ph.D. Michel Ouellette, Ph.D., Associate Professor - telomere and telomerase
Youri Pavlov, Ph.D. Youri Pavlov, Ph.D., Professor - mutagenesis and recombination
Parviz Pour, M.D. Parviz Pour, M.D., Professor Emeritus - pancreatic carcinogenesis
Angie Rizzino, Ph.D. Angie Rizzino, Ph.D., Professor - transcriptional regulation of gene expression
Polina Shcherbakova, Ph.D.

Polina Shcherbakova, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Mechanisms of DNA replication and mutagenesis

Dr. Sherman Simon Sherman, Ph.D., Professor - Biomedical Informatics
Pankaj Singh Ph.D. Pankaj Singh, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Cancer Metabolism and Systems Biology
Joyce Solheim, Ph.D. Joyce Solheim, Ph.D., Professor - tumor immunology
Tahir Tahirov, Ph.D. Tahir Tahirov, Ph.D., Professor - structural biology
Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D. Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D., Professor - mammary development and neoplasia research
Jing (Jenny) Wang, Ph.D. Jing (Jenny) Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Cancer Metastasis
Nicholas Woods, Ph.D. Nicholas Woods, Ph.D., Assistant Professor - systems biology based analysis of cancer signaling pathways
Non-Eppley Institute Cancer Research Graduate Program (CRGP) Faculty
Vimla Band, Ph.D., Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Surinder K. Batra, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Steve Caplan, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Pi-Wan Cheng, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Kaustubh Datta, Ph.D, Biochem/Molecular Biology
Rebecca Oberley-Deegan, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Punita Dhawan, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Melissa Teoh-Fitzgerald. Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Chittibabu (Babu) Guda, Ph.D., Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Kate Hyde, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Maneesh Jain, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Ming-Fong Lin, Ph.D., Biochem/Molecular Biology
Yuri Lyubchenko, Ph.D., D.Sc., Pharmaceutical Sciences
Richard G. MacDonald, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Luis Marky, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences
Parmender Mehta, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Justin Mott, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Moorthy Ponnusamy, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Amar Singh, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Rakesh Singh, Ph.D., Pathology/Microbiology
Eleanor Rogan, Ph.D., Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health.
Paul Sorgen, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Kelly Trujillo, Ph.D., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
San Ming Wang, M.D., Genetics Cell Biology and Anatomy