Eppley Institute currently has 33 faculty members who conduct basic and translational cancer research in state-of-the-art laboratories. The Cancer Research Doctoral Program includes the faculty of the Eppley Institute as well as faculty members in other departments at UNMC who are involved in cancer research. Summaries of research, research interests and contact information may be found on the individual faculty web pages below.
Non-Eppley Institute Cancer Research Doctoral Program Faculty
Vimla Band, PhD, Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Janina Baranowska-Kortylewicz, PhD, Radiation Oncology
Surinder K. Batra, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Ann Berger, PhD, College of Nursing
Piero Bianco, PhD, College of Pharmacy
Kishor Kumar Bhakat, PhD, Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Siddappa Byrareddy, PhD,Pharmacology
Mark A. Carlson, MD, Surgery
Kishore Challagundla, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Pi-Wan Cheng, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Samuel M. Cohen, Ph.D, Pathology/Microbiology
Leah Cook, Ph.D, Pathology/Microbiology
Martin Conda-Sheridan, PhD, Pharmacy
John Davis, PhD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Rebecca Oberley- Deegan, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Punita Dhawan, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Bin Duan, PhDCardiovascular Medicine
Melissa Teoh- Fitzgerald, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Jered Garrison, PhD, Pharmacy
Chittibabu (Babu) Guda, PhD, Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Kyle Hewitt, PhD, Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Sarah Holstein, MD, PhD, Internal Medicine
Kate Hyde, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Javeed Iqbal, PhD, Pathology/Microbiology
Maneesh Jain, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
So-Youn Kim, PhD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ming-Fong Lin, PhD, Biochem/Molecular Biology
Quan Ly, MD, F.A.C.S., Surgery Oncology
Yuri Lyubchenko, PhD, DSc, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Richard G. MacDonald, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Luis Marky, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Benita McVicker, PhD, Internal Medicine
Jane Meza, PhD, Public Health
Aaron Mohs, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Justin Mott, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Gregory Oakley, PhD, Oral Biology
Michel Ouellette, PhD, Internal Medicine
David Oupicky, PhD, Pharmacy
Aimin Peng, PhD, Dentistry
Larisa Poluektova, MD,PhD, Pharmacology
Moorthy Ponnusamy, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Eleanor Rogan, PhD, Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health.
John G. Sharp, PhD, Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Amar Singh , PhD,Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Rakesh Singh, PhD, Pathology/Microbiology
Paul Sorgen, PhD, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
James E. Talmadge , PhD, Pathology/Microbiology
Ashley Wysong, MD, MS, Dermatology
Chi (Kevin) Zhang, MD, Radiation/Oncology