University of Nebraska Medical Center

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core oversees the administration, fiscal and scientific aspects of the center, including its research cores, projects, advisory committees and mentors.

The core leads, implements and supports the center’s primary activities, include creating critical infrastructure for:

  1. Identifying disease targets.
  2. Generating small molecules that manipulate those targets.
  3. Analyzing preclinical models in which to evaluate the manipulation of those targets.

Creating that infrastructure facilitates the center’s goal to deliver training and mentoring to promising new investigators focused on the discovery of new approaches that improve the treatment of disease.

The core provides the organizational and programmatic leadership necessary to ensure the center works efficiently toward attaining its goal, and is responsive to emerging research opportunities that improve its effectiveness. This includes implementing such center-wide activities as:

  • Annual retreat.
  • Formal and informal training.
  • Support for external seminar speakers

The activities create a collaborative research environment, promote the center on a national level, and build a pool of talented doctoral and postdoctoral students in the laboratories of center members.

The core coordinates a faculty development plan that includes a research project program and pilot grant program designed to accelerate the transition of talented project leaders to independence and support the development of multi-investigator grants and program projects.

The core also serves as a coordination point between center members and the center’s research cores. The core supports a research program and related scientific cores to develop innovative tools for the detection and validation of molecular targets and provide guidance in experimental design and data analysis.