University of Nebraska Medical Center

iCaRe2 Fees

Data queries

  • $55.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum (an average query takes 1-3 hours)

Request data

Data integration/cleaning/processing

  • $55.00 per hour

Coordinators' time

  • $45.00 per hour (if needed to recruit specific population for the study or for follow-up)

Blood samples

Specimen Receiving, Processing, Documentation, and Storage

  • EDTA purple tube isolation-RBC lysis (plasma/WBC pellets) - labor, reagents, and disposables: $90/tube
  • EDTA purple tube isolation-Ficoll (plasma/Mononuclear cell pellet) - labor, reagents, and disposables: $100/tube
  • Red tube isolation (serum): $30/tube

DNA Isolation, Purification, Quantitation, Documentation, Storage

  • Cell pellet/whole blood DNA isolation: $90/specimen, guaranteed
  • FFPE DNA isolation: $100/specimen, guaranteed

Pulling, Aliquoting, Distribution, Documentation of Plasma, Serum, DNA Specimens 

  • $10/specimen


Pathology time for queries and acquisition of clinical samples:

  • Availability Queries of LIS system: $1.00 per case
  • Selection of slides in house:  $100.00 per hour (approximately $2.00 per case)
NOTE: Some of the specimens are not stored in house. If any of the cases need to come from Iron Mountain: $100.00 per case + charge for paraffin block = $200.00 per case