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Dear BSBC users,

The Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Core remains open for all services throughout the COVID – 19 situations.  Please continue to use the service request forms for requesting core services. We will set up a time to meet via Zoom to discuss the request. We will update the information here if anything changes in the future.


  • IPA has lifted the concurrency limit for UNMC users until May 31st. Please send an email to cbsb@unmc.edu for a new account request.

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About Us

UNMC is committed to developing strong research and educational programs in Bioinformatics and Systems biology. The Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Core (BSBC) is a university-wide resource that fosters research and teaching activities related to bioinformatics and systems biology at UNMC. The mission of BSBC is to provide infrastructure, resources, and educational training in the rapidly expanding field of bioinformatics with the ultimate goal of promoting synergistic research activities at the intersection of computational and experimental disciplines. This facility will be accessible to all UNMC and outside researchers who want to analyze biomolecular datasets (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.).

List of Services

  • NGS Data Analysis
  • Array-based and Systems Biology Data Services
  • Web Pages and Databases
  • Machine Learning and Research
  • Grant Support and COnsultation
  • Other research-related IT support

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