BSBC offers the initial consultation for free. The services required will be discussed during the initial consultation phase. The time required for the service will be estimated during the first consultation. For each project, a cost center number should be provided before we initiate the work.

Hourly charges: (non-sample-based)

Service provided by Rate
Analyst $60/hr
System Administrator $70/hr
Director $80/hr

Sample-based services and charges:

Type of service Rate Example output
  • Up-to 12 samples: $100/sample
  • Additional samples: $75/sample4
  • Up-to 12 samples: $100/sample
  • Additional samples: $75/sample
  • Up-to 12 samples: $150/sample
  • Additional samples: $125/sample
RNA-seq/DNA-seq for specific gene panel
  • Up-to 50 samples: $50/sample
  • 51-100 samples: $40/sample
  • Additional samples: $30/sample
10x genomics single cell
  • First library: $250 (within one run)
  • Additional libraries: $100/library (within one run)
  • Aggregation for multiple libraries: $50/library
Metagenomics – WGS
  • Up-to 12 sample: $100/sample
  • Additional sample: $75/sample
Metagenomics – 16s  $50/sample  
Microbial de novo assembly $50/sample output
IPA $100/comparison output
GSEA $100/comparison GSEA Report
NIH GEO submission (RNAseq or microarray data)
  • Up-to 12 samples: $100/submission
  • Additional samples:  additional hourly basis /submission
NIH SRA submission (DNAseq exome or whole-genome data)

hourly basis



  1. The rates mentioned above are a subsidized rate for the services provided to UNMC investigators.
  2. The rates for other academic institutions and corporations are 1.5X and 2X the mentioned rate respectively.
  3. For RNA-seq and metagenomics statistical comparisons, the N(sample size)/3 comparisons are included in the sample-size based quote. More comparisons will be charged by 0.5hr/comparison.
  4. Additional samples should be a part of the same batch and aligned to the same reference genome. If the batch has more than 12 samples, but, needs to be aligned to the different reference genomes, it is charged at a regular rate.